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  1. BEC

    Good story about TARC participants on CBS Evening News

    A fellow over on YORF alerted me to this story, which is a great advertisement for what TARC and rocketry can mean for young people heading for engineering careers:
  2. BEC

    Rocketry in the Pacific Northwest (perhaps)

    Today's Foxtrot:
  3. BEC

    Estes E12s - and no ejection charge - anyone?

    A local TARC team I am working with is using Estes E12-6s this year, and on Saturday (in the rain) they put up a flight that went up nicely then proceeded to arc over and streamline in. After the wreckage was retrieved we found that the clay cap over the ejection charge was intact. Has anyone...
  4. BEC

    Estes Quinstar build

    Over in the Quinstar thread in the Vendors section I mentioned that I had gotten one as well and was going to post a build thread (including how I recovered from messing it up). Then after a few days John Boren asked me when I was going to get around it. Finally, here we go. First the...
  5. BEC

    2.50 OD clear plastic tubing?

    Does anyone know of a source for 2.5 inch OD clear plastic tubing? I have a desire to take one of the on-sale at Fry's Estes Partizon kits and make 2.5 upscale Nova Payloader out of it. But the critical piece would be the clear payload section. Any ideas, anyone?
  6. BEC

    Itty-bitty guidance system

    Offered without further comment:
  7. BEC

    What you can do if you only have 45 minutes with a group...

    Yesterday I participated in an event at a Boys & Girls Club in south Tacoma, Washington as part of Boeing's annual "Global Day of Service". While many of the events were helping with weeding, painting or such, at this particular event we got to spend a little time with kids and airplanes and...
  8. BEC

    Semroc - Aphelion Gallery

    Another member of Semroc's "Ready to build" series is a redo of one of Carl's original designs. I got it just because I like the lines. This one has had two flights so far only. Not a terribly interesting paint job, but not a horrible one either.....
  9. BEC

    Centuri - Hustler Gallery

    ....or any variations on that theme. Mine is a Semroc Mini Hustler. This one has quite a few flights in service of my small altimeter comparison project. The payload section can handle several at once with ease. This one is completely stock except for the static ports in the base of the...
  10. BEC

    In what would you use a C11-7?

    I was visiting a local source of OOP Estes stuff and amongst the motors he had most of a case of Estes C11-7s. But what would one use one of these in? What rocket out there has an lightweight upper stage with a 24mm mount? Anyone know of one? The best we could come up with would be making a...