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  1. hornet driver

    Snap traps

    Dan, a ball bearing mouse trap (Tom Cat) is a proven and effective method for rodent control. They don't eat much, love to cuddle, and also take care of birds ,squirrels,snakes, small to medium size dogs and the occasional aardvark!
  2. hornet driver

    Any of you guys into kayak fishing?

    I gotta tell ya,I don't get the part of adding so much stuff --you should have got a boat! The whole idea is to keep it simple. I'm keeping mine basic. I'll keep the option open for an electric motor, but for the moment, I just don't see the need. That whole box with everything but the kitchen...
  3. hornet driver

    Any of you guys into kayak fishing?

    I've done a ton of canoe fishing and a bit of kayak fishing. Finally sprung for a fishing kayak. Not a top end one and I plan on doing some mods to make it my own. The revues are mixed on older models but this one is the 3rd gen hull and much better tracking. Already added outriggers(very narrow)--
  4. hornet driver

    Tired of gloss white

    Hey Dan, paint it gloss and after you put on the decals, clear it with satin or flat---H
  5. hornet driver

    Where's your Happy Place (s)?

    Nowadays it's about a hundred yards from my front door!
  6. hornet driver

    Putin's six "superweapons"

    Well lets not worry too much about any of this, There's no real game changers here. As far as the maneuvering re-entry vehicles go, doesn't make a difference! We don't have enough interceptors to take out the plane jane warheads to begin with. Our posture is to take the hit and then retaliate...
  7. hornet driver

    I have had to chase away the turkeys twice today!

    I forgot to mention the skunks around here---they-are-everywhere!! We got the opossum and the half shell type too but the skunks--OMG!
  8. hornet driver

    Any fishing reports out there?

    Here in the Dallas area the whites/hybrids/ stripers are running and on the move in the rivers! All this rain has really turned them on! The largemouth are pre-spawn and hitting slow moving crawdad mimics. Been catching some nice bass in my river for the last month. The crappie are staged and...
  9. hornet driver

    I have had to chase away the turkeys twice today!

    It's kind of a cool problem to have. We had them in North GA. when we lived there. They can be quite bold this time of year. In Oct/Nov deer were an occupational hazard driving into work in the dark or coming home. Ah' I miss those days. Just coyote and bobcats here in Tx. The bobcats are cool...
  10. hornet driver

    I could be wrong - but ....

    WOW, Good catch!!
  11. hornet driver

    Robots for breakfast

  12. hornet driver

    I bent my Interceptor

    I'm gonna go along with the tube fix by using a coupler. Make it a long one since the entire area is weakened. As far as adding weight goes, If you are going to epoxy the weight in the nose, the best bet is to set the tip of the nose in a glass of water to provide cooling as the epoxy sets--I'd...
  13. hornet driver

    The most beautiful jet fighter ever made

    Small correction---Israeli pilot
  14. hornet driver

    Fire hazard weather--a lesson

    Just how dry is it and how fast does it get dry? Carl the pet rocket turtle gave me a lesson. The other day we had some pretty good storms come through here. I was surprised to see hazardous fire condition warnings posted before the rain was even over! Of course there was high wind conditions...
  15. hornet driver

    The most beautiful jet fighter ever made

    My two favorites--for obvious reason---
  16. hornet driver

    The most beautiful jet fighter ever made

    I,m gonna have to agree with you on the 101. The single seat RF was particularly pretty! The 105 was really optimized for low altitude penetration. A buddy of mine( older than me) flew F-4's in Nam. He recalled to me that while escorting the 105's , the F-4's would have to "stroke the...
  17. hornet driver

    Sling TV?

    YouTube Red doesn't offer much for me . YouTube Live tv is a whole other story though. Make sure not to confuse the two!
  18. hornet driver

    Sling TV?

    Well, I've been on the learning curve with cutting the cable for a few months now. Tried NetFlix but it really didn't have much to offer me. At the same time I got Hulu Live. Between the two I could manage but still was not happy. Also hooked up an antennae for over the air. I kept the antennae...
  19. hornet driver

    photo test

    ya know , that actually makes sense!
  20. hornet driver

    photo test

    --i can't even begin to repeat what I did