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  1. JeromeK99

    Fixing Engine Ring Damage

    You could cut a piece of a spent motor casing. I've done that over the years when scratch building,
  2. JeromeK99

    Quest Tomahawk Cruise Missile

    Designed a BT-80 upscale awhile back. Been itching to put the parts together. :)
  3. JeromeK99

    Does wicking a cardboard tube with CA add any strength?

    When I first got back into model rocketry as an adult (BAR 1.0) I ended up launching with a large club in Southern California's high desert. My precious rockets were being ground down and destoyed by the harsh dry lake bed conditions. I started laminating my tubes and balsa with 0.75 oz...
  4. JeromeK99

    What was the first rocket you ever launched?

    Way back in 1978 or 1979.... Took a rocket building class at my local city library one summer. I don't think it was a commercial kit. The folks running the class brought parts. We cut our fins and glued the pieces together. If I remember correctly, it was a 3 FNC on at 3" BT-5. I remember...
  5. JeromeK99

    Estes Majestic

    It's a pretty bird to fly! I like the nose cone and fins. They glimmer in the early morning sun when going up. We've flown ours on Aerotech D13, E20, F42 with adapters, and 29mm G. Also Estes E and F.
  6. JeromeK99

    Any tips on slotting tubes?

    The key to using a Dremel is you don't push hard. Let it do the work. With the wheel, just move it lightly back and forth over your guide line.
  7. JeromeK99

    Any tips on slotting tubes?

    Honestly.... I'm sure to get a bit of flak for what I'm about to suggest. Lol Don't sweat it to much. You can simply use a sharp (new) #11 blade and make piercing cuts. One blade height at time. Take your time and follow you guide lines as closely as possible. It doesn't need to be perfect...
  8. JeromeK99

    What did you do rocket wise today?

    Wow! I've been gone for awhile and can't believe this thread is still going. Sadly, I only looked at rockets online today. [emoji20] I need to get out to my workshop and dust off a rocket or two.
  9. JeromeK99

    What happend to Elmer's CWF?

    Well that's what had... and can't find now. There is a new Color Change Wood Filler and Probond Wood Filler. Elmer's dosn't even have the old CWF listed anymore. :( Hoping to learn if either of the new ones are similar. Jerome
  10. JeromeK99

    What happend to Elmer's CWF?

    Howdy everybody! I'm back in the hobby after taking a couple of years off. Dug out a couple of kits this weekend and built them with my 11 year old niece and nephew. I got the bug tonight to start a build myself. My CWF is rock solid.. but it appears they don't make it anymore. which of...
  11. JeromeK99

    Aerotech Hobbyline RMS 18/20, 24/40. 24/60, 29/40-120 plus Reloads!

    BONUS! If you buy this lot I will throw in an Aerotech Initiator Systems Package MSRP of $259.99 for only $50 more!! This kit is also available by itself for $100+shipping. Please see $500 takes it all!
  12. JeromeK99

    Aerotech Initiator Starter Set (inc. Mantis Pad and Interlock contoller) -NIB

    Up for sale: Aerotech Initiator Systems Package this is an open (NIB) set including Initiator Rocket Kit Mantis Launch Pad and Interlock Launch controller (assembly required on all items) MSRP: $259.99 Firm price at $100 + actual shipping cost. Please send PM if interested! I accept...
  13. JeromeK99

    What did you do rocket wise today?

    Dug around in my garage in the rocket heap. Decided to sell off my remaining AT RMS Casings and reloads. See list in the Yard Sale section.!
  14. JeromeK99

    Aerotech Hobbyline RMS 18/20, 24/40. 24/60, 29/40-120 plus Reloads!

    Ok, who's ready for a smoking hot deal? Up for sale are my remaining Aerotech Hobbyline Motor casings and reloads! Item..........................................................Note....................Retail ~Street Price Qty AT HL RMS 18/20 Motor...
  15. JeromeK99

    Aerotech Reloadable 38mm Set (240, 360, 480) $100

    I was going through my garage and found my last HPR motor casings. Up for sale is a set of Aerotech 38mm reloadable cases (240, 360, 480) with a front and rear closure. Asking $100 + $10 shipping for set. *SOLD* Paypal only! Ready to ship! Sorry.. not interested in parting this...
  16. JeromeK99

    Estes BLU-97B Cluster Bomb

    I've got one I'd be willing to part with. PM Sent Jerome
  17. JeromeK99

    38/600 & 38/720 AT RMS Cases

    * SOLD *