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  1. PatD

    We'll try not to show that ad again-but we will.

    At present I am using Ad Blocker Ultimate. The only ad I see is the MadCow rocketry ad at the top of the right pane.
  2. PatD

    First Scratch Build

    From another thread and Joe Bruce who states it succinctly: "If I understand correctly, any rocket <1500 g total weight AND <125 g propellant weight is FAA Class 1 and can be flown without an FAA waiver if >5 nm from the nearest airport. This Class 1 definition includes model rockets AND high...
  3. PatD

    Virus is closing in...

    Thus the problem with wonks and officials that have never spent a week of their life outside of a city. They seem to like one size fits all and guess what, it fits inside their experience.
  4. PatD

    Amazon Shipping

    And irreversibly total entropy increases. 🙂
  5. PatD

    Painting options

    Gives extra mass for the coast phase. :D Where does he get his DU? I know of a couple of places in Iraq if he's short. 🤣
  6. PatD

    What I did today -instead- of Rocketry.

    Wow! I knew the bung was in trouble, but I didn't know it was this bad. 🤣
  7. PatD

    Arapahoe-E scratch build launch lugs

    Align them with the rod, tape the rod down on the pencil line, tack with CA and fillet.
  8. PatD

    Coronavirus: What questions do you have?

    Some areas are allowing small launches now, this past weekend was the first organized launch for several. It all depends on where you are and who you are flying with.
  9. PatD

    Coronavirus: What questions do you have?

    Did body escort once upon a time. Tough duty trying to keep it all together for the family, especially since I knew him.
  10. PatD

    Coronavirus Vaccines

    Edit: Errata I didn't need to interject.
  11. PatD

    New forum whys and wherefores.

    Wow! A month since the last comment and 7 positive comments! I think you hit a home run here Angie! Thanks )
  12. PatD

    How Can I get free Rocket stuff?

    Must have been one hell of a habit you had. I know what drag racing costs. 🙂
  13. PatD

    What Else You Can Do With A Virus:

    Can't we all just get along? Maybe not.
  14. PatD

    Mega Red Der Max nose wieght

    Found the Red Der Max on facebook. Kind of a difficult guy to find. Guess he gets enough business by word of social media. :D (old guys like me remember word of mouth. It went from mouth to ear. Now its mouth to HUGE megaphone, social media). Anyway didn't find the Cherokee, sounded...
  15. PatD

    48” Grabber Cone Project

    That is freeken hilarious! 🤣 😅:popcorn: AS IN GREAT! Got my popcorn! I gotta see this build! Actually that's a great idea. Got to get my L2 this summer and then I might look at this.
  16. PatD

    Mega Red Der Max nose wieght

    OK, did a search and TobyClone comes up only in your post. Is this a "send the cruit out to find the key to the travel lock" moment? Could you lend a butha a definition? 🙂
  17. PatD

    For those who think that the US (and possibly others) are overreacting to Coronavirus:

    I'm more of a Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb type. :eggnog:
  18. PatD

    Can someone explain Rocket Science to me?

    🤣 I only got rid of my slide rule about 6 years ago.
  19. PatD

    For those who think that the US (and possibly others) are overreacting to Coronavirus:

    You're not alone. Learned a long time ago that when it's your turn, it's your turn. If not, you see tomorrow. Edit: Not going out of my way to catch this but burned out on the containment.