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  1. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    NASA narrows design for rocket to launch samples off of Mars

    Saw this article yesterday, made me want to make a scale version once they announce the final design. One thing I thought was cool was that NASA first thought about using hybrid motors as...
  2. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    4" Madcow Black Friday AGM 33 Pike "Overbuild" Thread

    Looking good, I will be watching this thread for sure! Split fin designs are definitely a fav.
  3. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    Secret Santa 2019

    I'm in! Email Sent!
  4. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    For Sale 2 Brand new kits

    PM sent for the delta
  5. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    High Power Saturn V?

    Not a bad thought.
  6. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    What's YOUR Preferred Motor Mount Size?

    I think I'd have to agree with the 38mm and adapt it down philosophy. Especially if you may already have an adapter that will go from 38 to 29. For now you may just want it as a simple kit that will pop the chute at apogee and float back down. But who knows, maybe you'll want to fit something...
  7. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    High Power Saturn V?

    Thanks for the responses everyone, looks like I'll just stick with the apogee kit. Like I said my dad's really into the G-I motor range since in his opinion its the best bang for your buck, so a 29mm mount should be no problem. Although I may try and sway him towards shoving a 38mm mount in...
  8. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    Madcow 2.6" FG Nike->Deacon Build

    Looking good so far! Excited to see where this goes.
  9. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    High Power Saturn V?

    Hi everyone, I'm doing some early Christmas (window) shopping and I'm thinking of getting my dad a high power Saturn V kit. He already has and loves the 1:100th scale from Estes and knowing that his favorite range of motors is G-I impulse I think he'll be happy with something with either a 29mm...
  10. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    What happens when you check a missile tube in your luggage...

    In case anyone is curious, the TSA does not allow missile launch tubes in your carry-on or checked luggage: I work for the company that manufactures the launch tubes themselves. We often...
  11. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    EVENT SodBlaster II 2019 Labor Day Weekend Pasco, WA

    Too bad the new Aerotech G8-ST motors are plugged. Avg. thrust of a couple pounds and a nearly 18 sec burn time in a Big Daddy would be interesting. But alas, I'm assuming adding electronics would fall under the unlimited category?
  12. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    Slightly Modified Big Daddy

    Fun progression of builds! That's one special nosecone.
  13. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    EVENT SodBlaster II 2019 Labor Day Weekend Pasco, WA

    Hey Rich just a couple of quick questions for you. Any news on who the vendors will be for this year? And what is the range of diameters that the tower can accommodate? I still have that Lab Rat 38mm 3D printed sled for an eggtracker that I won in the raffle along with the tracker I bought...
  14. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    New, where to begin? New used? hpr

    As someone who has definitely fallen prey to the "gotta go big and fast and loud first" fallacy, I personally wish that I had taken more time time to learn what I have with smaller, less expensive kits. As an example, I can't recommend things like the Estes Star Orbiter, or Pro series II kits...
  15. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    Aerotech I59WN Cato at TriCities Rockeeteers May 2019 Launch

    Dang, Sorry to see that your auction winnings went rogue on you rich! maybe a little bad karma after smoking the rest of us that day ;) Regardless, It's nice to have a great example of how to document a CATO. Hopefully, Aerotech can sort everything out!
  16. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    Why Rockets Fail Video Series

    Scott Manley is great! I hope he does more of this series!
  17. MushuTheGreatStoneDragon

    EVENT SodBlaster II 2019 Labor Day Weekend Pasco, WA

    Sounds fun! I’ll be there for sure!!