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    For those who think that the US (and possibly others) are overreacting to Coronavirus:

    By this definition, ALL media is propaganda these days (something that I actually believe to my great disappointment these days). I think it's up to us as intelligent individuals to filter through and decide for ourselves what the kernels of truth underneath the propaganda is. Back to the C19...
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    AIM-9X Schematic Diagram

    Wow. Just Wow. I'm going to need help getting my jaw off the ground. Gorgeous.
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    Aeropack retainer on thin walled fiberglass tubing

    Personally, I'd get a piece of phenolic 54 to use as a MMT, and then use the fiberglass as a body tube for another rocket... :)
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    Spruce Goose Build Thread

    Oooohh... you're having too much fun! I'm seriously jealous! :)
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    Reloadable casings

    I have a very good relationship with my motor vendors. What I've found in the past is that for clear warranty issues, my vendor will give me a case from their stock, and backfill their stock with the CTI warranty replacement. I've rarely had to deal with CTI directly.
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    Reloadable casings

    BTW, you should be able to get a warranty replacement for the case.
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    A post mortom of a wrecked Estes High Flyer XL

    In my experience, nothing would save the typical plastic chute in this scenario. When a parachute inflates at speed, the amount of stress created is pretty significant, with the majority of it going to the shroud lines.
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    EVENT SodBlaster II 2019 Labor Day Weekend Pasco, WA

    Looking forward to the final rules to see what's legal. :)
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    EVENT SodBlaster II 2019 Labor Day Weekend Pasco, WA

    Time to stuff a K motor in a Big Daddy... What's the waiver again?
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    Great service from loc

    +1 - My Big Cletus came with centering rings cut for 38mm, and fins cut for 54mm. Jason promptly sent me new rings and MMT tube to fit the fin tangs.
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    What keeps you in the hobby?

    Yeah, whoosh-pop can get a bit stale, but here's an incomplete quick list of things that I've done to keep challenging myself. - Build a single rocket that can fly on A-G motors. Light enough for A, still stable for G. This was tougher than I originally thought. - Different recovery methods...
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    Bonus points for bringing a cluster rocket? :rolleyes: New meaning for Deuce's Wild?
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    The MARSA54 Government Shutdown Sale!

    Received and started to look at all the goodies. John, the 4 pin header at the top of the Gyro... Is that a pass-through for additional gadgets? Can I use the Marsanet gadget to enable the remote pyro gadgets with the Tilt module all on the same base by daisy chaining the 4-pin headers?
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    The MARSA54 Government Shutdown Sale!

    +1 here. Order in for a 33 w/LCD and Tilt module. That will take some angst out of the multi-stage rockets I was planning.
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    The MARSA54 Government Shutdown Sale!

    Ughhh... Tilt module or Marsa33. What a conundrum...
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    FOUND ESTES METEOR # 1370 In case you can't find a kit, template is there to make your own fins.
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    FOUND Fliskit Spitfire

    Hopefully Jim will chime in here. He's been very friendly in the past about people taking license with his work. At least he was when I asked permission to do upscales. Since it's no longer in production, and if Jim would jump in and say it's OK... I still have the templates from my kit, and...
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    Estes Maxi-Brute Honest John - Launch Shoe Pattern Sheet SP-69

    Here it is. Hope it comes through. IMG_0602 by tsai posted Oct 12, 2018 at 9:56 PM
  19. IMG_0602


    HoJo SP-69
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