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  1. K

    Looking for sources on fly-away rail guides with odd sizes...

    Thank you for responses. I will do that.
  2. K

    Looking for sources on fly-away rail guides with odd sizes...

    Looking specifically for a fly away rail guide on a 2.6" diameter rocket. (54mm MMT, so not quite minimum diameter.) The stuff I've seen online offers mainly minimum diameter stuff. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  3. K

    New to High Power / Loc Patriot

    Congrats on the launches and welcome back to the hobby. I love my chute release, but it does have it's foibles. Based on experience I would recommend erring on the side of releasing too high rather than low. Especially on bigger rockets I've set it for release at 300' and white knuckled it...
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    PM Black Brandt X L2 Cert Questions

    My $0.02 I did my L2 cert with a big fat 5.5" Nike Smoke that weighed just over 9 lbs fully loaded with a J430. You asked about safety with a drogue-less decent: my cert flight was specifically a motor (only) ejection with JL chute release, so most of the decent was 'drogue-less'. The RSO...
  5. K

    Carbon fiber, radio opaque?

    Jim, Yes, please! It may be a little late for my current project because the bulkhead is already attached to the nosecone. But I'd love to see your design(s) for future reference. Did you build them that way for the carbon fiber issue?
  6. K

    Carbon fiber, radio opaque?

    Ha. So I was mistaken. The nosecone in this kit is fiberglass after all. (It certainly looked like CF.) I'm not sure if that changes things much as I'm not sure how I'd wire the telemetrum for dual deploy in the nosecone. It may however allow me to mount a tracker in the NC rather than the...
  7. K

    Carbon fiber, radio opaque?

    Thanks for the responses. The entire body, including the e-bay and nose cone is carbon fiber in this kit. Our club does offer the radio trackers that you can attach to the shock cords. I was just hoping I could use some of the additional GPS/RF functionality of the telemetrum in this rocket...
  8. K

    Carbon fiber, radio opaque?

    So I'm recently L2 certified. I got my first carbon fiber kit which I'm very excited about, my intention was to build my first mach-buster and I figured carbon fiber was a good way to go. I have a telemetrum altimeter/tracker and their instructions suggest that carbon fiber is radio-opaque, it...
  9. K

    NAR Level 2 Exam Question

    I'm not sure if it's similar for NAR, but Tripoli publishes the exam questions in their "study guide" that they send out when you become a member. All of the questions from the actual exam are taken from the bank of questions in the study guide. If you give the study guide a good run through...
  10. K

    Epoxy problems

    You can also use acetone (nail polish remover) to remove it--particularly any residue left behind after chipping it off. It shouldn't harm the metal unless there is some kind of coating on it. Note, use it judiciously, it will also remove paint from your rocket.
  11. K

    38mm Kit opinion need for dual deployment

    Consider the Peregrine kit from Apogee. It's a pretty big but easy to build rocket marketed for those starting out in dual deployment. Apogee recommends not using it for certification specifically because they don't recommend dual deployment for cert flights. That said, it can be configured...
  12. K

    Tell us your biggest rocketry related blunder.

    What a great thread. On my L1 cert flight I was launching a 48-inch rocket with a quantum tube body and rail lugs. I took down the launch rail and started to load the rocket and before it was 10cm onto the rail, the aft rail lug popped right off, took no effort at all, just popped off. I was...
  13. K

    Has anyone noticed high variability on the visuals of Skidmark motors?

    Thanks for responses. Any videos of these preston nobile beauties?
  14. K

    CATO's and Launch Pad Design

    Kenn, after all that, I still say it's a spectacular photo. ;)
  15. K

    CATO's and Launch Pad Design

    Agree with this. The other launch pads look awfully close in that picture (acknowledge that perspective might distort things.) Also, it's not even a sure thing that the blast plate is what caused those flares to go horizontal. It was an engine CATO, they could've gone in any direction. Seems...
  16. K

    Has anyone noticed high variability on the visuals of Skidmark motors?

    I've used these a lot and have had fun with them. But I've noticed there seems to be high variability on the visual effect from these motors. Not only on my own launches but observing others at our club launch. Sometimes there is dark black smoke with loud cracks and bright sparks (very fun)...