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  1. Dad Man Walking

    Ring Tail Issues in RockSim

    OpenRocket doesn't support ring fins, so it stripped those parts out of your design file and I'm flying blind here. That being said, I have had decent results in OR simulating tube fin rockets by just representing them as rectangular fins with the height equal to the radius of the tube. Six...
  2. Dad Man Walking

    Aerotech 75mm Rear Closure Dimension

    Can one of you measure the depth of an Aerotech 75mm rear closure from the base to the top surface that bears against the aft O-ring? I had to machine the top surface down a little bit to remove some deep scratches that I put there while removing a particularly recalcitrant nozzle for the M685...
  3. Dad Man Walking

    Rocket Storage

    Echoing Aaron above, while this is a low power board...never hurts to plan ahead. I built this a few months ago: My solution is an overhead rack on the garage ceiling. 2x material for the cleats on the ceiling, 1x3 pine for the legs, and EMT conduit for the rails. It hangs down less than...
  4. Dad Man Walking

    Dare Devil Flat Earther Dies in Rocket Crash

    I'd day it's still too early to name the winner. Solid nomination though.
  5. Dad Man Walking

    TRS Procedures re: Tripoli rules on remote arming

    I appreciate the clarification. One switch controls power to the circuit board that is both a dual-depoly altimeter and the tracker. So it must be turned off for check-in and while proceeding to the pads. Once at the pad the main board and the power to the charges can be turned on after the...
  6. Dad Man Walking

    TRS Procedures re: Tripoli rules on remote arming

    I'm confused about the how Tripoli's revised rules for remotely armed altimeters impact procedures for the TRS. On the first page of that thread (here), Skip Shannon said specifically that the TRS wasn't on the list of approved remote arming devices, and Cris "Mr. Eggtimer" Erving clarified why...
  7. Dad Man Walking

    Junior L1 build

    Where are you seeing this? I have a couple Jr. L1 candidates on the TARC team I am working with, and have reviewed the program & procedures at I don't see any restrictions on propellant type for Jr L1 fliers.
  8. Dad Man Walking

    Level 3 check list

    My link on the L3 thread still it is:!As0VzLtQxW0-g-FmkzrjHoi_0UcVBg Like I said on the thread, link looks creepy but it's just Microsoft OneDrive. Word of caution -- I got pretty anal when writing this up. If you want to overload your L3CC or TAP, this should...
  9. Dad Man Walking


    +1 re: not directly epoxying the screws to the airframe. If you fly the rocket enough times you'll might want to replace the buttons. There are several different ways of getting a backing block or fastener inside the tube for the upper button, and if you are placing it higher than the forward...
  10. Dad Man Walking

    Utilizing a Drogue and Main without dual-deploy for JrHPR

    Fruity Chutes parachutes will easily handle main deployment at 70fps. I know this not only from personal experience, but because Gene Engelgau told me so himself. On my larger rockets I aim for a 75fps drogue descent rate. I doubt zippering will be a problem, especially if you a lot of shock...
  11. Dad Man Walking

    Rocketpoxy Bad??

    Epoxy resins like 4100 and West will crystalize when stored in cold temperatures. Garage storage in 40 degree California winters is enough to do it for my stash. But it's reversible just by warming it up. Is it possible that this is what's going on with the Rocketpoxy? I have some of that but...
  12. Dad Man Walking

    Help a buddy out...(advice being solicited)

    We're definitely considering your suggestions. My two concerns are both related to the deployment and setting the recovery packages--making sure the deployment reliably gets the payload out of the body tube, and making sure that the parachutes & shock cords don't foul with each other.
  13. Dad Man Walking

    Help a buddy out...(advice being solicited)

    We'll launch this summer at a field in California so I'm not that concerned about 1000 vs. 2000 feet. (And we won't be dealing with corn fields, but alfalfa fields will present their own challenges.) And I agree lower is better in general. Initial designs were based around the Aerotech DMS...
  14. Dad Man Walking

    Help a buddy out...(advice being solicited)

    You are correct -- Battle of the Rockets/Mars Rover III Second paragraph of the Mars Rover contest description says "in the past, all rovers had some failure. Most failures were due to impacting the ground." I have a parachute that should bring the payload down at 20fps, or less if the rover...
  15. Dad Man Walking

    Help a buddy out...(advice being solicited)

    Around 10 seconds to apogee. I was thinking that the delay should be set a bit longer so that the rocket is pointing down when the charge goes off.
  16. Dad Man Walking

    Help a buddy out...(advice being solicited)

    Gentledudes and dudettes, I'm interested in your thoughts/advice/warnings/random thoughts about a project I'm about to take on. I'm helping a college student complete a rocketry/robotics challenge that he was engaged in during the school year. The challenge involved launching a rocket that...
  17. Dad Man Walking


    The motors that you are allowed to use are powerful M motors - a 5 grain, a 6 grains, and a 6XL. Keeping a 4" rocket under 3000 meters is going to be quite a challenge. Some comments based on looking at the screen shots of the simulations: Fins are way too small. The CP is too far forward...
  18. Dad Man Walking

    Wildman's MACH 2 rocket

    A random data point for those still following this thread: On a CTI J210 (2-grain Classic) mine reached 9274' with max velocity of 1191 fps at Black Rock last August. Altimeter was a TRS. It came off the rail at a bit of an angle which scrubbed some altitude. I had an L1000 ready to go for a...
  19. Dad Man Walking

    Motor size, help quick before sale

    I am not sure I understand the problem. 7" is plenty of room for the drogue + shock cord. You aren't planning on putting the main dow there are you?
  20. Dad Man Walking

    3D Printed MW RTX recovery harness ebay?

    Hey, Banzai. After I posted on Saturday I started playing with a new Featherweight tracker that was sitting on my desk. I was thinking about doing something like I did with the Eggfinder Tx mini, but flashed on a much easier solution that I think will work--pool noodle and motor tube. The...