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  1. Micromeister

    Source for Micro Maxx launch lugs?

    Kuririn: My first choice is as BlackJack mentioned, The dollar store Q-tips with the light blue or green plastic stems make outstanding micro Lugs. The wall is a little thick but if you don't have a supply of Fliskit Micro lugs or can't roll your own they are the next best choice...
  2. Micromeister

    Engine storage question

    When you've been in the hobby for awhile you just naturally collect motors. I've been flying Mod-Rocs over 50years and have a huge selection of BP motors "In stock". my mass motor storage is an all pastic foot locker. My field motor box is a converted metal transformer box with hinged lid...
  3. Micromeister

    Gemini BT 70 Build

    We should never use acrylic plastic for fins on any flying model rocket. The Acrylic and modified Acrylics are far to brittle for the job. Neither will hold up to landings and more often then not will not endure the pressure of flight stress. This can lead to snappped shards of Aclylic plastic...
  4. Micromeister

    MMX B/G and R/G

    I have a number of Micro Down-Scale Boost Gliders and Rocket Gliders as well as a couple Micro parasite Gliders. Still haven't completed two or three, that I really want to down-scale (Micro Mach-10, Space Plane and NightHawk). Drawings are done just haven't felt much like building lately...
  5. Micromeister

    Stumped: How to Stop Oil-Based Enamel From Yellowing

    I'm using the same Rustoleum 2X and other Rustoleum paint products now rather then Krylon (except Old formula) when I can find them:). Krylon UV clears have no ill effects on any Rustoleum product I've used. I do generally go with a light misting coat first over the new paint then a heave wet...
  6. Micromeister

    Stumped: How to Stop Oil-Based Enamel From Yellowing

    Neil: The use of clear is to completely seal the underlaying paint. Matte and/or Satin clear coats contain agents that allow migration of moisture and thinners. So seal the paint, UV clear coat it, apply decals, and UV matte clear to get the correct finish you're looking. Please note...
  7. Micromeister

    My first mini

    Better yet convert just about any 13mm motor rocket into a Micro Maxx powered rocket. I generally try to make them rear ejection but the Estes Mosquito, Quark, Swift 220 and others all fly very well on a single MMX-II motor.
  8. Micromeister

    Estes Little Joe (I)

    Will have to have at least one of those shortly:)
  9. Micromeister

    Stumped: How to Stop Oil-Based Enamel From Yellowing

    RocketRoll: Yes most of what you've posted is correct for the individual painted and products you listed. That said there is much that can be done to REMOVE the yellowing tendency from many of the offending products. NUMBER ONE: Testors Paints: ALL TESTORS paints have a tendency to...
  10. Micromeister

    Vintage Estes Black Hole Probe build

    Great choice Scigs: The Black Hole Probe was such a KEWL lookin rocket I had to downscale it for MMX flying. While on the heavy size she still gets pretty good altitude and is fairly quick off the pad. Hope your classic kit finishes as well and flies like a bat:)
  11. Micromeister

    Fliskit Tiberius "Steam-Punked"

    Why Yes Snrkl: During the first stages of construction I considered using some weathering materials used on Aircraft and other spacecraft projects awhile ago. After consideration I went with the Shiny paints because I really like the way they change colors in sunlight. depending on the...
  12. Micromeister

    A Flaming Rocket-Is it as Stupid as it Sounds?

    Flaming rockets is simply a STUPID idea. WE Do NOT want to destroy or rockets on a single flight. rather use them over and over. fooling around with such silliness is completely contrary to everything the NAR, Tripoli & NFPA want to do with hobby rocketry. Perhaps you could do...
  13. Micromeister

    Duplicolor Chrome paint

    Over the years I've done extensive research on Chrome Rattle Can Paints. Had one from ColorWorks Chrome Plate which did not grey when it was waxed or Nu-Finish coated (after drying one day). Unfortunately: ColorWorks like many other small paint manufacturers was purchased by Sherwin-Williams...
  14. Micromeister

    Need a Clear Coat over Testors Enamel

    I've used Krylon UV Clears both matte & gloss over testors spray enamels extensively over the last 6 or 8 years with NO trouble at all. One of the first things to remember is to apply a "Light misting coat" to your last color coats before applying a heave wet clear coat once the mist coat has...
  15. Micromeister

    Good scale for weighing rockets

    I've used a bunch of different scales for different purposes. A triple beam scale for competition rockets. A palm Scale 200g, AccuLab 225g and Harbor Freight Cen-Tech 500g scales for most LPR rocket work and a Sunbeam 2000g scale for MPR's up to 3.3lbs. (1500g). All in all the Harbor freight...
  16. Micromeister

    Maximum size acceptable engine eject at NARAM and NSL?

    Like the Mosquito, My original Sprite never tumbled either. always came in ballistic but gently enough it was always flyable again. According to the instructions kicking the motor was to move the CG far enough to have the rocket tumble...alas mine never was a feather weight ballistic...
  17. Micromeister

    Bob Harrington?

    If this will help I've used this MMX One-page Plan for 2 of my 3 micro Der-Red Max rockets. It is a true downscale drawing.
  18. Micromeister

    Maximum size acceptable engine eject at NARAM and NSL?

    The Wacky Wiggler is a "Break Apart Feather Weight" recovery rocket NOT Tumble.
  19. Micromeister

    Rear Ejection and Recovery

    There are several ways to keep the motor mount from moving forward. As Babar just posted, the Motor tube can be extended so that the forward end reinforced with a tube coupler rests against the rear inside shoulder of the Nosecone. Another way is to use an externmal motor stop or 1/8" section...
  20. Micromeister

    Fliskit Tiberius "Steam-Punked"

    Thanks for the Kudo's guy's: This rocket just screamed to be steam-punked.....I just had to do it:) I have several other Models that I've Steam-Punked just for fun. why yes they are Micro's. Actually the primer was sanded between coats "before most of the exterior detail was...