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  1. alexzogh

    3D Printing Rule requirement for fiber reinforcement for M+ motors and 3D printed fincans

    I think that was your subconscious telling you not to launch a 3d printed rocket without proper reinforcement. I would listen to that little voice :)
  2. alexzogh

    3D Printing Which Creality 3d Printer would you recommend?

    If you are willing to wait until the fall, there is a new Creality on Kickstarter that is going for a reasonable introductory price.
  3. alexzogh

    3D Printing 4x mars lander

    Beautiful day here in Chicago. I've been prepping my rockets for mini midwest power tomorrow. To solve my leg "problem", I bought very stiff custom springs - . I guess they were too stiff..... When I was installing one of them...
  4. alexzogh

    3D Printing 4x mars lander

    North of Chicago. Actually, I'm closer to the Wisconsin border then I am to Chicago.
  5. alexzogh

    3D Printing 4x mars lander

    All good thoughts. If you look closely at the photos above, I didn't glue in the footpads and it won't fly with them. Legs should be ok as they were printed with 100% infill, and I printed them upright, which is much more difficult to ensure the filament alignment would have the maximum vertical...
  6. alexzogh

    3D Printing 4x mars lander

    Just need 1010 rail, and maybe a trashcan post launch :p
  7. alexzogh

    3D Printing 4x mars lander

    Thanks. Sanding is done, and decals have arrived, but the weather has not been cooperating. We've had 10 inches of rain in the last few days - my cul-de-sac is now officially a small lake. Final weight came in at just under 15 lbs. I will be adding an additional 4.5 lbs of weight up top, add a...
  8. alexzogh

    Electronic Flight Cards?

    I for one think this is an EXCELLENT idea. The downsides as described so far assume club operations would stay the same, and we are somehow just trying to shoehorn in an electronic flight card - that is ridiculous. The primary advantage of digitizing the flight cards would be to automate a lot...
  9. alexzogh

    3D Printing N1-L3 Soviet Moon Rocket

    about 7 years ago I backed a book on Kickstarter here, which has fantastic, detailed schematics of all the stages of the N1. I've started to model it in Fusion 360, but I am quickly realizing there is no way I can make a 3d printed version stress worthy as designed. I will have to use the model...
  10. alexzogh

    CAD Software 3D CAD programs

    Download and edit the f3d files which the original author graciously provided, not the stl files if you want to edit. You will want to ”create” a cylinder, where you want to put your motor mount, then use the modify -> combine tool to subtract the cylinder from the rocket. Here is a video on...
  11. alexzogh

    3D Printing What Are You Printing Today?

    I call this rocket "String Theory"
  12. alexzogh

    Filament winding

    yup.... even though my post was from 5 years ago, I don't think they've gone up that much.... :)
  13. alexzogh

    Filament winding

    Hi Rocket501, Sorry if I missed something. Software is more like a python script that takes SCAD input of a nosecone and modifies the gcode output of x-winder designer. I'm happy to do it for you. steps: 1) create Von Karman nosecone without a shoulder in openscad, and print it on a 3d printer...
  14. alexzogh

    Scientific Validity of the software

    If you would like actual raw telemetry data from a few launches (GPS + Baro + 6 DOF accel), I'm happy to provide it. I keep it around all the time to test Kalman filters, GPS vs. inertial nav calculations, etc... There is a TON of published work out there, and most of it is accessible to anyone...
  15. alexzogh

    3D Printing 4x mars lander

    Just finished re-modeling and printing a 4x upscale of the Mars Lander. Over a week's worth of printing. About 16" diameter, and over 4 feet tall. I had to re-revolve the entire ascent stage to ensure it could handle the stress. I also had to redo the descent stage to match the thickness changes...
  16. alexzogh

    3D Printing 1/20th scale 3d Saturn V

    12-foot section of 18" sonotube finally arrived today. Menards provided a discount because the ends were crushed. I guess they didn't realize the ends are always crushed..... I need to add about 4 more feet to my carbon fiber winder, but all should be ready for winding by next weekend. I was...
  17. alexzogh

    3D Printing Filament recommendations

    I've noticed as the weather has been changing my normally very reliavle PETG has started to act wonky. Humidity is starting to go up, and my ’open’ roles have been quickly absorbing water. I backed this filament drier on Kickstarter...
  18. alexzogh

    3D Printing 2x and 2.7x Mars Landers

    Heh... I kind of cheated in my build. As I noted in the thingiverse details, I used traditional rocket materials for key structural parts of the rocket. Used carbon fiber for the base, fiberglass for the motor tube, wood for centering rings, and metal for motor retention. Launch and boost was...
  19. alexzogh

    3D Printing What Are You Printing Today?

    Printed out a few bird houses for my daughters to paint and hang.