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  1. dpower

    Some Estes Scale builds!

    The 1B seems to be missing something! Nice collection. Is that the newer 2" diameter Mercury Redstone, or the original Estes BT-60 version?
  2. dpower

    Estes legendary K-29, 1:70 scale Saturn 1B

    Looks great! Did you enhance the CSM? It look far more detailed than I remember from the kit.
  3. dpower

    Mega Initiator

    Second that - I've built the Space Ark - looks cool, and flies great on H motors. The Bucky Jones is fun too, but usually fly that on G motors.
  4. dpower

    Anyone else miss the 24mm F21 or 29mm G35 Econojets?

    The E18 and F24 RMS are fine motors, as are the F32 SU motors. My understanding is that the E20 is identical to the recently discontinued E15, just branded differently. I hadn't heard EconoJets will be price reduced to match the F67, but that sure would be welcome - it's hard to justify paying...
  5. dpower

    AeroTech Open Thread

    Placed order on 11/22, got shipping notice on 11/23. Actual ship date was 11/28.
  6. dpower

    Same engine, same rocket, WAY different altitude. . . Help please!

    Unless there was severe weather cocking (off-vertical Flight) in some flights, but not others, altitude won’t vary that much. Is the altimeter in the payload bay? If so, how many holes are in the bay and how large? Any obstruction between the holes and altimeter?
  7. dpower

    New Estes 3” Der Big Red Max coming soon!!

    B14 & B8 were discontinued, but did not have any reliability issues that I’m aware of. I’ve flown many B8s, never had a failure.
  8. dpower

    Metal Earth

    There is a new Metal Earth Shuttle Atlantis kit out now that looks more detailed, it’s a full 2 sheets. Haven’t opened it yet...
  9. dpower

    Metal Earth

    This one was probably my favorite - it helped that I previously built the standalone LM, got most of my mistakes out of the way!
  10. dpower

    AeroTech Open Thread

    Ordered a few direct from Quest, can’t wait to try them out!
  11. dpower

    New Estes 3” Der Big Red Max coming soon!!

    Estes brought a 24mm E15 to the market many years ago, and most of them went Kaboom, and it was decertified.
  12. dpower

    New Estes 3” Der Big Red Max coming soon!!

    Of course! Maybe I should have added more winking emojis. 😉😉😉😉😉 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. dpower

    New Big Der Red Max Coming Soon

    It will be interesting to see how long this stays in production, and how valuable it becomes when it goes OOP. Buy 3 just in case! Should be fun on the E16 & F15, and probably can take G & H motors assuming TTW fins. Probably not enough room for the 29/360 case...
  14. dpower

    New Estes 3” Der Big Red Max coming soon!!

    Stop it, Estes! 😉 Far more *fantastic* new releases than I have time to build! On the build pile they go! 😁
  15. dpower

    Cherokee E build

    It would have been cool if the Cherokee-E was an actual upscale, even just BT-60, but a new nose cone would be needed, I don't think Estes ever produced a secant-ogive NC larger than BT-55. Agree the Red decals look better, wish I could have picked up a Cherokee-C when they were still...
  16. dpower

    Sirius Interrogator G build

    Great thread - Another Sirius kit on my to-get list. Built the SV and Eradicator, both fantastic kits. I’d be hard pressed to come up with higher quality kits out there, considering design, parts, decals, and instructions.
  17. dpower

    For Sale High School Fundraiser- Sale of Donated Vintage Kits and Parts- updated with asking prices

    Hi Deb, Haven't heard from PM sent a week ago, are you still selling what's left? -Paul
  18. dpower

    Tips/tricks using Quest Q-jet motors?

    The small red rubber plug can easly be removed and the ejection charge dumped out. I do this when using Q-Jets in saucers, also placing a little grease in the well, to keep any flame from coming out the top should it land in dry grass. Black Max Q-Jets cluster well - I've clustered C12 and D16...
  19. dpower

    Estes F black powder

    My LHS has nearly all the E16/F15 motors in stock, they were out for quite a while, sometime early this fall I noticed the pegs mostly populated. Don't know the date codes, I'm still going through the Hobby Lobby closeout packs ($6.99 for a pack of F15s!). Fun motors, no doubt.