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  1. dwmzmm

    Kudos to JonRocket!

    I ordered my new Estes Apollo Little Joe - II from them, with free shipping. Service was very prompt and friendly. Excellent job!
  2. dwmzmm

    I SOOO HATE MYSELF ...............

  3. dwmzmm

    What did you do rocket wise today?

    I'm currently doing some long, awaited repairs to the upper section of my 1/100 scale Estes Apollo/Saturn - V model I built and flew back in 2009. For those who don't remember, I flew this model in July 2009 down at Needville, TX for the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo - 11 Flight. The launch was...
  4. dwmzmm

    I SOOO HATE MYSELF ...............

    Christine is always the "go to" lady at Estes for customer service. She'll do whatever is reasonably fair to remedy your situation.
  5. dwmzmm

    liftoff! gallery

    Five engine cluster Saturn - V (the Estes K-36 kit, but extensively modified) launched in July 2009 at the Apollo - 11 40th Anniversary Launch in Needville, TX.
  6. dwmzmm

    I SOOO HATE MYSELF ...............

    They'll make good on the engine failure. I've never had Estes not take care of situations like this. Let us know what happens.
  7. dwmzmm

    The Estes Mini-Brute Hornet Rides Again....

    Great job and welcome back! I never had the Mini Brute Hornet, but my cousin did get one back in the days (around 1970) and had me build it for him (he had no model building experience) before he dropped out of the hobby around 1971. I did adopt the basic design of the Hornet for one of my...
  8. dwmzmm

    I SOOO HATE MYSELF ...............

    I fill out MESS reports on all malfunctioning engines I use.
  9. dwmzmm

    Where are all the Squirrel Works build threads?

    I did a Rocketry Product Review for Don of his Gremlin kit. Here's the link: http://www.rocketreviews.com/squirrel-works-gremlin--by-david-montgomery.html
  10. dwmzmm

    I SOOO HATE MYSELF ...............

    Estes didn't offer me any replacement motors (at the time) due to the hazmat shipping and costs, but I was happy to choose the kits given. At that same launch where my BB II got fried at the business end, I also lost my Estes Storm Caster when the engine's ejection charge failed and the model...
  11. dwmzmm

    I SOOO HATE MYSELF ...............

    The previous time I tried to fly my Black Brant II with the E9-4, the nozzle blew out on ignition and the model just sat on the pad with heavy white smoke and flame coming out. Several of the fins and balsa tail cone got damaged. Estes did come to the rescue and offered me to pick a few kits...
  12. dwmzmm

    I SOOO HATE MYSELF ...............

    I used a newly bought E9-4 recently on my vintage FSI Black Brant II and it worked excellent.
  13. dwmzmm

    What did you do rocket wise today?

    Made a little more progress on my vintage Estes R2-D2 model, that I started last week. Nice model, but the painting required is making it more of a challenge than I had expected. It's ok, I love challenges!
  14. dwmzmm

    What did you do rocket wise today?

    Got started on my vintage Estes STAR WARS R2-D2 model. One of three I'll be working on as my Christmas Holiday Project for the next few weeks. The other two models are the Estes D-Region Tomahawk and vintage Estes Sandhawk. See pic below:
  15. dwmzmm

    Atlas V New Horizons - Pluto Mission Scale Model Rocket

    Ordered and got mine within the past few months; finally got it assembled during the Thanksgiving Holidays. Made a few modifications (mainly the launch lugs and recovery method/shock cord placement). Very handsome model and can't wait to fly it.
  16. dwmzmm

    Rocket uses for the A10-PT engines?

    Used four of them on my Estes Maxi-Brute STAR WARS X-Wing along with a D12-5. Worked great!
  17. dwmzmm

    SCALE - Gemini Titan Gallery

    My Estes clone of the Gemini Titan I bought from PDRocketry some years back before they went out of business. Nice kit, both for building and flying. Flown quite a few times using the B6-4's and C6-5's.
  18. dwmzmm

    Replacement Parts for Hawk Hobbies Super Mark

    Finished the Super Mark, it's ready to be flown. Hopefully I'll be able to put it up at our club's (Old Rocketeers, NAR Section #724) sport launch as early as this coming weekend.
  19. dwmzmm

    Replacement Parts for Hawk Hobbies Super Mark

    I went ahead and ordered replacement parts from Estes last weekend as I haven't heard back from Randy or eRockets regarding my inquiries of getting parts. Estes order arrived today and I've already went to work removing the damaged segment of the body tube and replacing it with a new BT-60...
  20. dwmzmm

    Estes new(est) reissue Redstone.

    The vintage Centuri Mercury Redstone is certainly a very high quality model. I had mine still in-the-bag for many years before I got around to finally building it a few years ago. It flies nice, but a little nose weight is needed as it's marginally stable as is. Pic below was the last time I...