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  1. CzTeacherMan

    Wildman Holiday sales

    They AGM Standard ARM is calling my name. So many fins... LoL!
  2. CzTeacherMan

    Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses Black Week Sale..

    Oh man... You're not kidding around! The only harnesses I trust my rockets to... At these prices I can even buy a couple extra to have on hand for those kits I know I'm gonna buy this year. And I got this unbuilt 4" HED that I've been sitting on for over a year... Man oh man, Teddy, I gotta get...
  3. CzTeacherMan

    SOLD Aerotech 75/6400 + 2 Seal Discs + RAS + Aft Closure

    Sold pending funds and exchange.
  4. CzTeacherMan

    SOLD Aerotech 75/6400 + 2 Seal Discs + RAS + Aft Closure

    Complete Motor set, with the RAS. Each seal disc fired once, tube fired once, closures fired twice. Haven't used it in over 4 years, and it's just collecting dust. Much better in the hands of someone who will help it collect mileage. I figured I'd keep it around, but I won't have the...
  5. CzTeacherMan

    Coronavirus: What questions do you have?

    I'll be stuck in a classroom with 33 adult sized high school seniors for 6 hrs a day. How do I protect them, myself, and my family from anything I might bring home? They barely fit as it is, a window A/C unit, windows that barely open, and a building that is usually 15-20° hotter than outside.
  6. CzTeacherMan

    2020 QCRS Launch Schedule

    I can't seem to edit the original post with the update on launch location. EDIT: got it fixed, thanks, Angie!
  7. CzTeacherMan

    2020 QCRS Launch Schedule

    2020 Launch Schedule Sunday, January 4th Saturday, February 8th Saturday, March 14th Saturday, April 18th Mini Midwest Power - Saturday, May 23 - Sunday, May 24 Saturday, June 13th Saturday, July 11th (@Wildman, waiver TBD) ======== Break for crops ======== Midwest Power 18 - Friday, October...
  8. CzTeacherMan

    Reloadable casings

    Sounds like a common problem when people put the delay spacer towards the BP instead of towards the propellant. ... I had an experienced rocketeer show me how to build the reloads. Then I came up with my own system. Then I built tons of reloads and had hella fun. Now, I teach my system to others...
  9. CzTeacherMan

    QCRS January 4th Holiday Extravaganza!

    As far as I know, he never found his rocket (on the L850). As far as recovery, regular flyers at QCRS usually learn to spend more time in the car triangulating and less some walking, LoL! We all did it at some point, though. It was a great, fun experience, even if the weather didn't cooperate...
  10. CzTeacherMan

    QCRS January 4th Holiday Extravaganza!

    And we've officially determined that the speed of Stealth is H550
  11. CzTeacherMan

    29/180 with RAS for g54 29/100 won't fit

    Spacers... If you're using the two short spacers, I'm not sure that's correct for the 100 reload. Try different configurations of spacers (long and short) and you'll get it
  12. CzTeacherMan

    29/180 with RAS for g54 29/100 won't fit

    Lance is correct, there should be an o-ring
  13. CzTeacherMan

    For Sale Clearing out some extras...

    Item #4, 75/6400 motor set still available