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    Egg Timer TRS and Tera Term

    Windows will tell you that COM2-COM4 are "in use", even though they are not. Go ahead and override it. Both Teraterm and Putty work fine with Windows 10, however I think Putty is easier to use.
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    Eggfinder LCD Handheld Receiver and LCD-GPS Module Improvements/Assembly Changes

    The 3-pin header for the GPS module has been on the boards since 2017... when the GPS module add-on was introduced. We didn't reshoot the LCD assembly pictures... I suppose we should.
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    What I want for Christmas

    For things to be normal again. Ain't gonna happen, though...
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    Why don't altimeters have in-flight power-loss recovery?

    Commercial altimeters rarely fail in flight... if they don't fire, it's virtually always "something else" that made that happen. Your efforts would best be spent eliminating the "something elses"... battery choice, wiring, connections, etc. No amount of software tweaking is going to make up...
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    The 2020 Eggtimer Rocketry Holiday Sale

    Inventory Status... With one week down and one to go, we still have plenty of inventory on ***almost*** everything. What we're pretty low on is Eggtimer Quantums... the demand has significantly exceeded our projections so far, and it looks like we're probably going to run out of them...
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    Why don't altimeters have in-flight power-loss recovery?

    We save the last flight stage along with all the other data in NV memory, in case something happens... it's helpful sometimes for post-flight analysis.
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    Why don't altimeters have in-flight power-loss recovery?

    A brownout cap may keep the electronics alive, but it's probably not going to fire the charges. If you don't get the laundry out, nothing else really matters... the best you're gonna get is the reason why, assuming that your electronics are still alive after you dig your rocket out of the...
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    My turn for the "I want a rocket company" quarterly thread..... but different(ish)

    Good luck. It's a lot of work... and don't expect to make much money, especially once the gov't gets their share. You have to REALLY want to do it... most of the hobby rocketry companies that go away do so because the owner either gets burnt out or they don't have the ability to keep it...
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    Why don't altimeters have in-flight power-loss recovery?

    All Eggtimer altimeters use "mission phase" indicators, and I would imagine that most others do too. In the case of the Quantum and Proton, power to the deployments is shut off until the rocket is in flight.
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    How low was your level 2 certification flight

    I know somebody whose Level 3 didn't even hit 2K... made of three Sonotubes, a lot of plywood, with a huge chute. Something like 100#...
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    Why don't altimeters have in-flight power-loss recovery?

    I2C EEPROM's are good for about 1,000,000 write cycles (and unlimited read cycles). If anyone manages to "wear out" an EEPROM on an Eggtimer product, we'll gladly replace it for your at our expense. It would take about 100,000,000 seconds, or about 3 continuous years of operation, before...
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    Redundant Eggtimer Protons

    Custom SSID names is one of the most-requested features. It's not as easy as it sounds, but it will hopefully be in a 2021 update for all of the WiFi devices.
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    Why don't altimeters have in-flight power-loss recovery?

    I've actually thought about doing just that a number of times. You'd need a real-time clock, because you don't want to lose power and have the chutes blow when you power it up on the ground just because it thinks you're continuing a flight and you've gone below the main chute altitude...
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    SpaceX Falcon 9 historic landing thread (1st landing attempt & most recent missions)

    I never get tired of seeing the Falcon landings... just amazing.
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    The 2020 Eggtimer Rocketry Holiday Sale

    That being said, if you want to try your hand at reflowing them, the Gerber paste-layer templates for most of the products are on the web site. Honestly, the only ones I'd do that way would be the TRS or the bottom side of the Proton... the others don't have enough parts to make it worth the...
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    How High was Your Level TWO Certification Flight?

    Do you mean 20 seconds? If you got to 7,000' in two seconds, you would be coasting for a really long time afterwards...
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    Wildman Holiday sales

    Awesome! I have just the build for it...
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    The 2020 Eggtimer Rocketry Holiday Sale

    Apparently USPS is sending orders with the UN3481 LiPo battery labels via ground-only, even thought they're eligible for cargo air. Other than that, USPS seems to be much better than they were before the election... go figure.
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    Arianespace Vega launch failure due to swapped cable connection

    There's an old saying... "Nothing is idiot-proof given a sufficiently talented idiot."
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    Wildman Holiday sales

    Is the new AT K76 going to be available for the sale?