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    Lil Goblin Fiberglass build

    Nice Goblins folks, Just finished mine with some help from Mark @ Stickershock. Standard build, but left the nosecone bulkhead off for some extra recovery room. I deleted the transition (used to simulate base drag and push the CP well back?) from the commonly found Rocksim file and...
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    Gallery - Tube Finned Rockets

    Nice one stealth. I had wanted to try this idea out but wasn't sure how it would turn out. In the 4th photo from the rear I thought I'd be able to see the section of the tube fin that pierces the body. Perhaps by the end of the taper the entire tube is on the outside?
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    Gallery - Tube Finned Rockets

    Here's my Kraken inspired 3 inch tube fin. Blue Tube, 54mm motor. Suffered a major zipper on my first L2 attempt with motor based ejection, but came good following a rebuild anti-zipper style and with electronic deployment.
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    L2 Certification Rocket Gallery

    Here's my scratch built, Kraken inspired, 3 inch Blue Tube L2 rocket. 54mm motor mount. First L2 attempt in August 2011 on a J540R-L ended with a huge zipper compliments of too long a delay and a heavy Kevlar shockcord. Sliced almost all the main airframe. I cut the offending section...
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    LOC - EZI-65 (PK-64) Gallery

    Here's my L1 Hi-Tech. Originally built standard and used for my L1. Later built another payload bay to house a magnetic apogee detector for electronic deployment.
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    L1 Certification Gallery

    I got my L1 in July 2011 at Serpentine, Victoria Australia. Standard Loc Hi-Tech on a H123W-M. Took two attempts as the rocket suffered a two inch zipper on the first try due to over-zealous use of black powder and the unforgiving nature of Kevlar. I cut the zippered section off and...
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    Pemberton Technologies - Kraken Gallery

    Some truly great Kraken's out there that's for sure. Homage to Layne for creating a design that's inspired so many builds. Here's my L2, Kraken inspired, bird on a J540R. Has also flown on a J350W to 3317 ft (Raven 2 altimeter). 3 inch Blue Tube, 54mm. My hat is off to those...
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    Estes - Fat Boy (#2139) Gallery

    Spot the difference between this photo and the previous one. And I'm not talking about the background....... Luckily I know I am an idiot and ordered two sets accordingly.
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    Estes - Fat Boy (#2139) Gallery

    Finally finished my Fat Boy. Took 30 oz of nose-weight to deliver a 1.14 stability margin with a J315R. Had a false start with the first can of red paint, the colour on the cap looked nothing like the colour on the rocket. Sanded back and switched to Tamiya Metallic Red which looks close...
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    LOC - Minie Magg Gallery

    Some great looking Maggs there gents. I'm just starting on my first Magg. Rocksim indicates I'm going to need quite a bit of ballast in the nosecone to run some of the longer 38mm motors. But I've also heard Rocksim doesn't always work well with short/fat rockets. Any tips on nose...