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  1. DTRocket

    Estes Little Joe l l

    Has anyone seen the 1/45 scale Little Joe ll that Estes will soon be releasing ? here's the link --- http://www.estesrockets.com/coming-soon/
  2. DTRocket

    LOC - Minie Magg Gallery

    Here's a shot of mine before I launched it on a I-161
  3. DTRocket

    FlisKits: Sneak peek! (Scale!)

    I will definitely be buying one. The 1B is one of my favorite rockets.
  4. DTRocket

    History was just made!

    Congrats Steve and thanks for sharing with us Thanks also to foose4string for the pics I was there to
  5. DTRocket

    Just a test

    Just a test :D
  6. DTRocket

    Little Big Joe II - Build

    MaxQ -- I have pictures of you & Little Joe II. at Red Glare V. Are you interested in them?