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  1. astrowolf67

    What did you do rocket wise today?

    I received a Citation Patriot kit, and Nike X kit for my Birthday today!
  2. astrowolf67

    Estes Twister?

    The Twister is part of the old Super Shot starter set. It came with the Twister, the Super Shot (the yellow and black one next to your Phoenix), controller, pad, and three motors. It's the starter set that made me a BAR years ago. The Estes Phoenix, at least from the same era as the starter...
  3. astrowolf67

    Epoxy problems

    I'm not familiar with the Eclipse, or it's construction, or how deep you need to reach. But, when I've needed to do internal work inside of tubes, I've found a flex shaft on a Dremel to come in very handy.
  4. astrowolf67

    Wrapping igniter leads

    Velcro straps work great for keeping igniter leads attached to the pad. For continuity issues, a cheap emery board, or small piece of fine grit sand paper in the pocket works great. The only reason I've ever wrapped an alligator clip, is if the clamping spring is shot, and there is no...
  5. astrowolf67

    GPS Issues Since April 6 Change

    I checked my Eggfinder (built about 3-4 years ago) yesterday, it was working fine, showing 8 satellites. Now, I need to dig out my two Garmin handhelds and test them. I'm sure my Dakota will be okay, but, my old Legend is probably going to be affected.
  6. astrowolf67

    What did you do rocket wise today?

    I started my first build in quite a few years today. I'm building a couple of Estes Star Orbiters, one at a time. First is going to be basically stock, other than papered fins, kevlar shock cord mount, and mid separation, rather than nose. It will be flown with a JLCR. I'm thinking of...
  7. astrowolf67

    Whats the highest flying estes kit

    I use to let my little Estes Banshee rip on AT D21's for a high, neck snapping flight. Adding in some red chalk line powder, and using reflective mylar streamers was a HUGE help in recovery. I can imagine a Wizard, or Sizzler, on a 18mm D would get up there pretty good. What ever rocket you...
  8. astrowolf67

    What did you do rocket wise today?

    I purchased a Estes Star Orbiter, pack of F15-8 engines, and ordered some braided kevlar cord. It's been a few years.... Working on becoming a BARx2 :)
  9. astrowolf67


    My question, with the U bolts in the position you have them, will you have enough room to hook a quick link to them? I'm currently building the same kit, using stock components. During dry fitting, I had to make sure the included eyebolt was at an angle to the airframe and mmt, in order to be...
  10. astrowolf67

    Using more powerful engines in the Alphas?

    Just curious, in another of the OP's threads, it was mentioned that a rocket was lost in a field for a bit, and, had been rained on prior to being found. Was this the rocket that had been rained on?
  11. astrowolf67

    No NSL 2016 thread?

    Excellent video Leo! I love what you've done with the low power dual deploy flights you've made. We were hoping to make NSL, and would loved to have witnessed those flights in person. But, some things came up that prevented us from making the trip.
  12. astrowolf67

    What does everyone drive?

    Managed to find a pic with all of them in one shot, lol. Left to right, 86 Bronco II toy, wife's 2011 Escape, my 2012 Xterra Pro4X (lifted with 33's), and, my 08 Ranger (soon to be my son's). The pop up was recently replaced with a new hybrid camper in the second pic.
  13. astrowolf67


    Congrats John! Nice looking bird and flight specs!
  14. astrowolf67

    Post moved by admin, content lost?

    I tried to read some of the ITAR last night, but, yea, as stated, long winded and boring. Thank you for simplifying it in layman's terms John.
  15. astrowolf67

    Post moved by admin, content lost?

    I'm not in any way trying to stir trouble, but, which US law and regulations apply? I know it is against TRF rules, but, was unaware of it being a federal issue.
  16. astrowolf67

    How Tired??

    I've been a truck driver for years, "local" routes, never over the road. At my last job, I pulled in to a truck stop to take a lunch break. Rather than eat, I decided to just take a short nap. I laid my head on the steering wheel, and caught some z's. When I woke up, there was a truck...
  17. astrowolf67

    Could reloads be piston launched?

    It probably could work, but, I would think there would be an increase in land sharks, due to the number of AP motors I've seen that give a good chuff before coming up to full pressure.
  18. astrowolf67

    Mylar Spotting Streamer

    Mylar streamers make great visual aids, as does chalk line powder (albiet a tad messy). Years ago, I had a Estes Banshee, that loved being launched on the 18mm D21's. I made 3x30 inch mylar streamers from emergency blankets. I always cut them with fresh Xacto blades and never had a tearing...
  19. astrowolf67

    Aerotech Fin Tap question

    Gorilla brand super glue has worked pretty good for me as a substitute for meduim CA. It's available in a small plastic bottle as well, which I like much better than the little foil squeeze tubes.
  20. astrowolf67

    Best binoculars for Rocketry?????

    More importantly than magnification, in my opinion, would be field of view. Unfortunately, the fov decreases, as magnification increases. I would go with low power, 7X or lower, with as wide of a fov, and as light weight as possible. Much higher than that, and it will be difficult to keep...