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  1. slohand
    May 18, 2019 CRMRC St. Albans Vermont -> Level 1 certified!
  2. zonbin
  3. SammyD
    Love this 4" Warthog and the way she flies!
  4. zonbin
  5. zonbin
  6. zonbin
  7. zonbin
  8. zonbin
  9. zonbin
  10. kolier19
  11. TJohn
    NAR #99721 SR Cert. Level 2 - Flying with (ROSCO #648) Rocketry South Carolina. Georgia SOAR-571 if they can get back a high powered field.
  12. Max H
    Max H
    flew and tested 38mm bay successfully
  13. Tom Zachman
    Tom Zachman
    NAR L1 11/10/2018 AT 2.6 Arcas H135W-14A NAR L2 3/23/2019 Madcow 4.0 FG Black Brant 2
  14. Tom Zachman
    Tom Zachman
    NAR L1 11/10/2018 AT 2.6 Arcas H135W-14A
  15. Tom Zachman
    Tom Zachman
    NAR L1 11/10/2018 AT 2.6 Arcas H135W-14A
  16. charle S
    charle S
    sorry...Not interested.
  17. VFA-22-Bonefish
    Coming back to the hobby after a 40 year hiatus.
  18. Bungie64
    Bungie64 SGRN
    How much for the V-2?
    1. SGRN
      50.00 plus shipping. If you want I will send another set of fins. I have 2
      of these kits and I am planning on replacing the fins on the one I keep.
      Apr 29, 2019
  19. Kevin Hayden
    Kevin Hayden
    or is there two CP curs of the second stage and if so where is that CP on that stage ?
  20. Kevin Hayden
    Kevin Hayden
    Just need to know where is the CP 0n a 2.2"/4" Fiberglass Double Shot ?
  21. jolevich
    jolevich Admin
    how do I change in regional launches an even to to the yellow postponed in title?
  22. o1d_dude
    We were promised jetpacks!!
  23. Max H
    Max H
    Finished 38mm avionics bay under 120mm
  24. Super
    Super James Eason
    Hi James, I am interested in one, two, or all your 54mm Fr. Rocket casings and hardware. Specifically, the 54/1280 interests me. Do you have a price you are looking to receive or would you prefer an offer? Let me know.

    Tom Long
    TRA 8087
    NRA 54379
  25. Hands
    Always willing to learn about everything and anything
  26. Nikhil Mishra
    Nikhil Mishra
    To infinity and beyond!
  27. Gus
    Gus Mark Weidhaas
    Mark, I am interested in your Rose Fin Jig.
    Am I correct in that it includes 6 mandrels
    Was it built by Art Rose?
    Was it ever used?

    If you'd like to contact me directly my email address is


  28. glossnglass
  29. NatruallyAspirated
  30. n3tjm
    Made it to 40!