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  1. George Spanos
    George Spanos
    I am currently member of Rocketry Project at Aristotle Space & Aeronautics Team ( )
  2. dwightr
    TRA 18787 L2
  3. Gramparocket
  4. Ramjet
    Prepping for my L2 attempt with a 3X Mars Lander. (I designed it in 3D CAD)
  5. Kevin O'Dell
    Kevin O'Dell
    Keep thy airspeed, lest the ground shall rise up and smite thy machine...
  6. ChicagoDave
  7. Gramparocket
  8. Vdutel
    I have been away to long from the Hobby and want to fire up some projects... 2020 is the Year of the Rocket for me!!!
  9. Oscar G.
    Oscar G.
    Working Hard With My TARC team!
  10. Eric Nantel - DiaLFonZo
    Eric Nantel - DiaLFonZo
    Now building... well too many things at once but i like it.
  11. TXWalker
    Tripoli Member L1 2011 Scratch Built John Deere 2.1 H180W 4500ft
  12. gishan
    starlite Material invented
  13. Robert Jack
    Robert Jack
    Hi, Welcome To my Profile!
  14. Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson
    Served as a civilian contracted to the Air Force ESMC Eastern Space and Missile Center. Mostly known as the Eastern Test Range.
  15. Max H
    Max H
    designed a 54mm tracking/avionics bay.
  16. Taikudo
    dàn âm thanh sân khấu chuyên nghiệp với các thiết bị âm thanh chất lượng nên được mua tại đơn vị uy tín như Lạc Việt audio
  17. cncmachining
    PTJ supply 0.005mm Precision CNC Machining Services China,Manufactured with 3 4 5 Axis|Custom aluminum&stainless steel
  18. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech
    Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech
    RCS, TVC, AFG, Some cool stuff for 2020 baby!
  19. Stephen Brinks
    Stephen Brinks
    Electronics engineer. I build my own 3D printers. I think there is alot that could be done to pulse jets with todays technology!!!
  20. bobby_hamill
    bobby_hamill Admin
    1. Admin
      Done, but if you report it and tell the mods what is needed and it will be done faster.
      Nov 29, 2019
  21. Nodroc
    The mission: Supersonic Ice Cream Sandwich
  22. Uncle Toby
    Uncle Toby
    I am a BAR for the second time since 1971, when I abandoned my hobby for S, D, and R&R
  23. RocketsAndRobots
    Successful L2 launch! Going to enjoy it for awhile before moving onto L3.
  24. tfrielin
    Contact me at
  25. tfrielin
    Flying Estes rockets on and off since about '65 A longtime observer of the space program, Have published dozens ofarticles on space history
  26. Jim Hinton
    Jim Hinton
    Hey Daddy; I will be seeing you folks at CRASH before long. I have a new TARC team that's planning on flying for record with CRASH.
  27. Daddyisabar
    Daddyisabar Jim Hinton
    Stop by CRASH sometime. I left the stressful world of Property Management this year so I know what it feels like to walk away from the high stress yet higher paying job.
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  28. gcanroc
  29. Ken Wyvill
    Ken Wyvill
    Working on a rocket-powered r/c Colonial Viper at present...
  30. Ken Wyvill
    Ken Wyvill
    Nothing is perfect - not even this.
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