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    Question Good launch pad plans

    Any body out there aware of a decent launch pad plan? Something that would launch up to a "G" motor. I know Aerotech has their Mantis pad which is cool. Just would like to do my own. Thanks!


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    Marc, here is a link to a launch pad I made out of PVC. It was cheap and it works. It is like most other PVC pads except I made mine tiltable. There are some other plans on in the infocentral section. Good Luck.


    Mike Bennett
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    Austin Guest


    Here is one I built and is a Word Document. The document is 5mb zipped because I have included assembly photos to ease construction of the LP unit. This one can be built for under $15 and can handle up to 3/8" Launch Rods.

    <a href="reviews/files/">Homemade Launch Pad</a>

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    I built a really great, selfcontained launch pad out of a folding saw horse from Menards... cost around $15-$20..
    all the work can be done with a hacksaw, drill and tap. I'll write up detailed insturctions later if anyone is intrested.. here is a pic of what it look's like. I also put a 6' long pvc pipe on the back of the launch pad to hold the launch rod's... it set's up in no time and is awsome.. even has a handle to carry it with. I've flow and I motor off this thing.. very sturdy.
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    Tim Hansford
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    Here is a pic of the rocket/thing... lol.. that you seen in the pic. with my launch pad. this pic was take'n at Team 1's launch last spring. It was on a drag race with another Lamp Shade.. (it's just a name.. it's all balsa wood 1/16" and 1/8". both rockets had G55's in it.. Mine is the one already off the pad.. I won.. you can see the other on the pad at the bottom right of the pic. It get's about 800' on a G55w very cool.. flame and sound as well. These are scratch built rockets/UFO's...
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    Tim Hansford
    Valparaiso, IN
    NAR # 78513 SR L2
    TRA # 09156 L2
    Tripoli Michaina Prefect-Elect.

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    Good pad- thanks guys

    Mike, Tim, Tulanko-

    Thanks guys. You are- as always- the best. I took all of them and am creating a hybrid design incorporating ideas from all. Thank you again!


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    not a problem.. drop us a pic when you get yours done so we can see what you'v made.
    Tim Hansford
    Valparaiso, IN
    NAR # 78513 SR L2
    TRA # 09156 L2
    Tripoli Michaina Prefect-Elect.

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    pad plans

    Will do! Thanks again. PS- Carl, I love the paint job on yours...


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    Don't be too complimentary to Tulanko about his paint jobs ..... it really goes to his head.... and his head is already WAY overinflated.

    Besides.... you can spend DAYS trying to duplicate his work.

    Sorry, Carl..... just couldn't stand it. You know I couldn't let that pass.

    Seriously, Marc, if you want to try to duplicate Carl's work where finishing/painting is concerned, there's lots of posts in the Techniques section about how he does it. Just be prepared to spend more on primer, paint, and other finishing supplies than you spent on the rocket !!!

    BTW, Carl..... less than 3 weeks until WHITAKERS !!!!

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    Austin Guest
    Man, the redneck just couldn't leave well enough alone.....Jeez. The worst part about it is I am staying at Ken's house in September for Whitakers...go figure. I'll agree though that I may be one of the few that actually paints my PVC...Oh well, I can't help it...I'm in therapy, uhh...yea I'm taking injections.

    Marc, thanks, glad you liked the launcher. Sounds like you have some ideas on what you want to do Make sure you post some pics of your final product; it is a lot more fun building it yourself.


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    The Tulanko Effect

    Hmmm, sounds like I'm in for some paiting fun. You guys could work that into a Mastercard-like commercial:

    Model Rocket Kit: $9.59
    Paint and supplies: $105.97
    Rocket motors: $6.69
    Ooos and ahh's from onlookers at incredible finish job: Priceless



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