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    Help: I need information about an Estes Silver Arrow

    I bought my first model rocket today, constructed and launched it as well. It is Estes brand Silver Arrow. I messed up in attaching the shock cord. When gluing the shock cord to the inside of the rocket, I either didn't attach it well, or didn't wait long enough for the glue to dry. Point being, when I launched my rocket, all went well, until it broke apart to deploy the parachute. the body snapped off and fell to the ground, and the wind carried my parachute and nose cone into a forest. Needless to say, it is lost. This brings me to my question: What size nose cone does an Estes Silver Arrow have? I've searched everywhere and can't find the name or number of the cone. If you knew where to find this information, or where to buy one, I would appreciate it. Also, I need another shock cord and parachute as well, and I would like to know if there are any specific ones I need to buy for this particular rocket. ANY advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi & welcome to the forum

    I've had a look at the Estes website and it states that the Silver Arrow has a Diameter of .98" which works out as BT50 size tube. I don't have the kit, so someone who has the kit may want to confirm my research.

    A pack of nose cones like this should fit -

    They also stock parachutes - a 12" chute will be ok -

    You will need a new shock cord - you can purchase some elastic from a craft store and make yourself up a new paper tab to glue inside the tube.

    If possible, try and wait 24 hours after you finish gluing to let everything dry TiteBond wood glue (it's light brown) is ideal for paper to paper bonding for things like this


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    Nobody that I know of makes or sells replacement parts for Estes E2X series rockets. You might try contacting Estes. They can be surprisingly helpful!

    It might be time to add to your fleet. The majority of the Estes Skill Level 1 and above that have simple nose cones and wooden fins are easy to repair and replace parts.

    Stick around here on TRF and read the threads... ask questions... you'll learn a lot!


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    Thanks a bunch man, I'll get on that stuff in the morning. I really appreciate that.

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    Hi and welcome!

    If all you need is one cone and you don't want to buy an entire pack,

    might be a good option and end up costing a few bucks less. I believe the BNC-50K cone is pretty close to the one you want.

    If you use a balsa cone you will have to buy a 1/4" screw eye at the hardware store to attach the shock cord to the base.

    Good luck. Patching up busted rockets is half the fun.
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    you might also want to look at the Sticky here: Rocketry Resources

    There are at least a dozen places that probably have what you need and several (or many) of these vendors hang out here and will help to answer your questions.


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    If you live close to a Hobby Lobby and can use a 40% off coupon, sometimes it's cheaper to rebuy a kit for parts than the cost of individual parts plus shippping.

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    I'm not sure if the Silver Arrow rocket kit is available separately from the starter set.

    The nose cone from the Alpha III would probably work.

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