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    The Real ACME company....Turbonique corporation

    Awhile back someone posted something about this company...I recently received this link for a funny article....:


    Turbonique's product line consisted of three items: "AP superchargers," "rocket drag axles," and the legendary "microturbo thrust engines." All employed the same basic rocket technology, albeit in stepped grades of insanity.

    Though the company no longer exists, mere mention of the name "Turbonique" still inspires a shudder of awe among drag racing enthusiast, the company's principle target market. Even in the Wild West atmosphere of 1960s drag racing, Its products represented the zenith of no-compromise, crazyass crazy. Recall Acme, that enigmatic mail order purveyor of catapults and jet skates to cartoon coyotes?

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    Was'nt that T-22-A Thrust Engine used in the movie Cannonball Run, in Jackie Chan's Mitzibitzi? Sure looks like it. Maybe that is where all the stories came from, you know, the 200mph Impalas, flying down desert highways.

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    I remember seeing the ads for Turbonique in Hot Rod magazine back in the day. I assumed from the pictures and descriptions that they were pretty much the first aftermarket turbochargers for the hop-up crowd. Never actually saw on installed or in action that I know of.
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    I remember seeing a kart with a Turbonique (two?) engine on it do a demo at the local drag strip. My ears are still ringing. That thing was LOUD!

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