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    Gorilla Glue for Fiberglass?

    How well does Gorilla Glue or any similar polyurethane glue bond to a fiberglass to fiberglass joint? I'm working on a Vindicator Jr. and was curious about whether it would make for good, sturdy internal fillets. I won't be injecting the glue, but just will be coating it liberally on the fin roots and motor mount tube before gluing, similar to CJ'S double dip technique.

    I'll probably just use JB Weld, thanks to its temperature properties, but I was just curious about how well Polyurethane glue would work for this.

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    It's not designed for fiberglass, so I wouldn't use it.

    JB Weld will be difficult, at best, to apply internally. I'd suggest using something with a lower viscosity.


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    By internal I just meant on the MMT/Fin joint, so basically instead of tacking the fins in place, I would instead use a large amount of glue/epoxy, creating a sturdy joint without having to inject epoxy. The method is seen here, and being lazy, I thought it sounded good enough for me. Since the Gorilla Glue expands, I thought it would make a stronger joint between the fins and motor mount.

    This just came to me: Since the Gorilla Glue expands so much, it could possibly push the fin out of alignment while it is curing. So, I'll play it safe and use JB Weld for tacking/semi-internal fin joint purposes.
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    Your over-thinking this.......stop!

    Just go with the JB, it's cheap, strong and plain old works!

    Double dip it and be done.

    I should ask though....what rocket is this for?

    If it's a JR. size kit fine, if your doing a 3in or larger why not just inject and be done with it. Been doing this for years it's been test by the worst of us & we can't kill em, so we know it works.
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