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    Competition Model Rockets (CMR) MFG Index

    Competition Model Rockets (CMR)
    Big Bee C22
    Break Away C1
    Buzzard BG4
    Chameleon C12
    D-Region Tomahawk S1 In the SCALE D Region Tomahawk Gallery
    Double Eggle C19
    Effy C4
    ELO C3
    Hat Trick
    Helichopper C18
    Humpty Dumpty C14
    Humpty Dumpty Plastic Parts Kit C14
    Hyper C2
    Manta BG1
    Marcus C6
    Mini Manta BG5 In the CMR Manta Gallery
    Orbitron BG3
    Paratrooper C8
    Pen C10
    (The) Pirate C17
    PW-11 BG6
    Rapier C5
    Red Brat C21
    Robin C9
    Shark C15
    Start C7
    Sting Ray BG2
    Tachyon C16
    Thunderbolt C20
    V.I.P. C11

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    John A. Lee O.S.L.
    Alamo Rocketeers NAR Section 661
    NAR 87285, L1 8 March 2008
    TRA 03040, L1 8 March 2008

    Photos of the "Fleet":

    I used to tell Mom, "...I want to fly rockets when I grow up!":cool2:

    She said, "Make up your mind, you can't do both!":cry:

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