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    18th January 2009
    San Antonio, TX

    Dr. Zooch MFG Index

    Dr. Zooch
    Gb-LV Gumball Lofting Vehicle
    Mercury Little Joe This is the project Mercury version In the SCALE Little Joe Gallery
    Mercury Redstone In the SCALE Mercury Redstone Gallery
    Saturn I SA5 In the SCALE Saturn 1 Gallery
    Saturn V In the SCALE Saturn V Gallery
    Space Launch System (SLS)
    Titan IIIc SLV5 In the SCALE Titan III Gallery

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    John A. Lee O.S.L.
    Alamo Rocketeers NAR Section 661
    NAR 87285, L1 8 March 2008
    TRA 03040, L1 8 March 2008

    Photos of the "Fleet":

    I used to tell Mom, "...I want to fly rockets when I grow up!":cool2:

    She said, "Make up your mind, you can't do both!":cry:

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