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    27th July 2010

    A new one enters the fray

    Her first two summers of periodic attendance at club launches usually resulted in my youngest daughter crying when the bigger motors were lit.

    This year, she gets excited about seeing rockets and at the first launch of the year, squealed and giggled and clapped every time one went up. The louder the motor, the louder her squeal.

    So I did what any good dad would do, I bought her a snap together E2X kit and helped her build much building as a two yeat old can do anyway. Last night just before sunset, we asked if she wanted to launch her rocket and she came out barefoot and ready to launch. I tried to teach her how to push the launch button...we counted down...and then I guided her hand to the button and she pressed it. It was a great flight and as the rocket touched down under streamer, she followed her big sister out to recover it...laughing and clapping as she ran. She got a high five from her sister and carried it back to the garage.

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    you evil.wicked, mean, nasty person! Now you 've gone and infected your own daughter! Shame on you! And congratulations!

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    Awesome! Congratulations!

    My daughters have "adopted" two of my favorite rockets as their own.

    The four-year-old took my 13mm downscale Blue Bird-Zero.
    The two-year-old took my 13mm Saturn V (after she broke all the fins off my 13mm Saturn IB).

    I cannot leave the house for a launch without the girls and "their" rockets.
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    Sounds like she has an incurable case of rocketitus. Regular doses of black powder are the only known relief.
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    Two things...

    FlisKits Thingamajig
    FlisKits Whatchamacallit

    Perfect kits for those little hands, and something she can help build.


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    That is simply awesome! Makes me wish my 6'3" 300lb "baby" had never grown up...

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