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    18th March 2012
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    My first "on the spot" oddroc

    Well, I was around at one of my mates today doing some LPR rocket launches, and one of the guys asked me what would be the weirdest thing to make a rocket out of. Then pointed at a plastic funnel and stated "That looks like a nosecone, make that one fly, there is $10 in it for ya if you can"

    Hmm.. I looked at it, and thought "I can do that!"

    After digging through my 'rangebox' full of spare parts, I pulled out an 18mm motor mount, a couple of centering rings (dunno what tube for) and a tube that a copperhead comes in (launch lug). Hit the super glue, and quick drill later, voila!!

    Yes, it flew. Yes we recovered it, although not the way I expected. At ejection, the whole motor assembly still attached to streamer was ejected out of the rear of the funnel and recovered with streamer. The funnel just turned 'nose down' and fluttered back down 'featherweight'.

    Motor was Estes C6-3

    Now I need a larger funnel and some epoxy!!

    On the video you can hear all the comments. I dont think anyone thought this would work!

    Click for larger

    Rob Appleton
    "That Crazy Brit"

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    Perfect! I love doing stuff like that.

    Mark S. Kulka NAR 86134 L1, ASTRE 471, Adirondack Mtns., NY
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    Your rocket reminds a bit of the old Centuri/Semroc Point kit. Any cone-shaped, finless rocket is going to be a bit draggy.
    'Til next time,

    Mike Toelle

    NAR 31692 L1

    SAM 0373

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    2nd March 2010
    So, did ya get the sawbuck?
    nice job.
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