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    20th January 2009
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    Multi pad launch control?

    Is there any demand for a two or four position launch control?

    These would be 12 volt, 30/40 amp relay type systems, hard wired.
    2 Box Modular design, control box and pad box.
    Continuity check at padbox.

    I'd be willing to work with clubs/individuals to make sure they get what they need.

    Just putting feelers out, not sure.

    What; me worry?

    David Bachelder
    DBA QuickBurst

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    25th July 2009
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    Just my opinion, but I think most guys and clubs like building their own
    just for the challenge and fun of it. But you never know. I am in the
    process (stalled at this time, due to lack of time...) of building my own,
    LPR/MPR control.

    Ron Lemke

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    25th January 2009
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    I am not sure about 2-4, but larger ones, there might be.
    Chuck Haislip
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    If I was starting a club (which I'm not, at least not right now), I would definitely be shopping for an out of the box solution. The idea of rolling my own multipad launch controller is interesting, but I know squat about where to even start. (Which end of the soldering iron do I use? ) Getting a ready-to-go system would provide one less thing that I'd have to worry about scrounging up. A 2-4 pad setup sounds about right for clubs in this part of the world.
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