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    Deployable Fins in RasAero

    To satisfy some curiosity, I'd like to simulate the effect of deployed fins (retracted until after stage separation) on a high performance two stage flight. In my mind, this seems like a really virtuous idea from a range perspective, improving supersonic stability and reducing the vehicle's susceptibility to wind, as well as just reducing cross sectional area, and therefore translational wind performance. In general I think the result should be significantly improved dispersion performance, but I'd like to sim that.

    Does anyone know how to set this up, or would be willing to point me towards some documentation I could use to setup a script or macro to try this in RasAero?

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    I do not think that what you want to do is possible. I think what you would need to do is determine altitude and velocity at staging and do it as a separate sim with an initial altitude and velocity
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