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    Range Finder Binoculars

    Does anyone have experience with Range finding binoculars for viewing a launch and getting a good estimate of altitude?

    If yes, what have you used

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    Picked up a pair of Zeiss 8x42 Victory RF Binos to play with.
    Have yet to take them to a launch.

    Not thinking of them being useful for altitude, especially with a 2500 yard limit, but more for distance to landing.
    With miles of sage everywhere, estimating how far you need to walk to the landing site is challenging.
    Even with the right line, you often are off on distance and wasting time and energy searching in the wrong spot.

    So - going to be playing with the Bino's and a Leupold Rx-2800 RF to see if they help speed up the time wandering the sage.
    Fred Azinger

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    7th July 2013

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