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    18th January 2009
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    A few fun rockets

    While looking for Little Joe pics, I saw some Kerbal Little Joe sims. I liked the look, sort of steam punkish. 2 cluster of 18mm, 2in main body.

    Every year around Easter the plastic eggs come out. Every year I want an egg rocket.
    This year I finally did it. Retro looking to. 24mm, rear ejection.

    A round Christmas I saw these decorations. I first thought of doing some kind of RPG looking thing, but came up with this instead. Again 24mm motor, front eject parchute.

    I dont do very well painting, so I still have to decide what to do for final designs.

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    The dowel work on that tower looks so precise. Any special techniques, or just eyeball?

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    Hey those look great. How do you tell if that egg is stable?

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    Did use some measurements. But nothing exact. Marked four spots around the tubes and then made the struts fit the marks.
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    The center picture looks like something from a Star Wars movie, and the first one like something from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuririn View Post
    The dowel work on that tower looks so precise. Any special techniques, or just eyeball?
    Ditto! Great work on the tower(and the other rockets, too!)
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    Those just look too cool!

    The Egg rocket IMHO looks fine as is (Eggseptional!!!)... The middle, I'd go for a 2001: A Space Odyssey inspired look, and the final design would be something from the 1960's US manned space program.

    Dreaming of making the rockets I dreamed of as a kid (and then some).

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