dear fellow "odd-rocket" enthusiasts,

my name is sam and my interest in rockets/space go Way back (seems like centuries ago .. like a past life) .. never-the-less, they remain - if only have grown stronger over the years .. my love and interests have become, let's say, spiritual .. i see humanity colonizing mars soon and spreading into our galactic disk over millennia .. the sci-fi we've written "today" may reflect those future days .. we'll see .. to be honest, much of my life i never thought space-tourism would "fly" (sell / be popular) but .. there it is .. and so a few years ago, i came up with my own unique concept - the rocket-sailplane - that launches like a rocket and lands as a sailplane .. being a systems-engineer (as "hobby"), i believe the concept is entirely feasible .. there are three stages to this project for space tourism: 1. the "toy rocket" phase, 2. the small prototype that actually reaches space and back safely, and 3. the full-sized human-carrying version that will likely be computer controlled and "require" a pilot mostly for passenger peace-of-mind .. so .. it should be clear that i'm looking for collaborators here on stages 1 and 2. honestly, i can afford stage 1 by myself, but likely not 2. but .. where's the FUN in doing anything alone? do we watch a movie alone? not usually .. and so i recognize the advantages for creating and prototyping Together .. so .. i live in S.Florida but any venue anywhere can host the project meaning - if there are enthusiastic participants in Antarctica with tools and supplies, why not?! just let me participate (since it was my idea) (minimal electronics and programming are required for stage 1: GPS, circle home, release to controller; RVJET is one supplier i've contacted with no reply as yet) plz reply below with your interest in the project and how you would like to participate .. plz reserve criticisms / feasibility critiques for another thread, sam