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    Help... Altus TeleMega - Why didn't Pyro-B 2nd stage igniter fire???

    Last weekend I launched a Madcow Arcas (2.6" thin wall fiberglass) with a custom Nike Booster. I used a Aerotech DMS H550 on the first stage and a H100 on the upper stage. The Nike Booster looked great and the separation was clean (pyro-A), but the booster never fired. The igniter (Pyro-B) maintained continuity (voltage) through drogue deploy when the separation cut the wires to Pyro A and B. It doesn't appear I exceeded the tilt limit on the flight and my goal was booster separation 1.5 sec after motor burnout and ignition 1 second after booster separation (2.5 seconds after booster burn-out.

    Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

    Attached its the eeprom data, and a screen shot of the settings. The CSV is too large to attach.

    Pflugerville, TX

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    I was hoping someone else would jump in here. I'm not positive why you didn't get the expected results, but in my experience the Telemega states often don't quite mean what you think they might, and the documentation could be clearer. I'm not sure why you used "time since" instead of "delay after" for example. I'd send an inquiry to the Altus folks.

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    Have a dig through some of Kip and Jim's posts on configuring the *Megas. They're the most informative I've seen.
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    Have you tried their mailing list? It goes right to Keith & Bob and anyone else signed up for it:
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    I'm pretty sure your time delays should have been under...'delay after other conditions' that's how I set mine for staging delay.

    I never have checked coast box either.
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    Thanks, I posted to the listserv and Keith and Bdale both responded. I shouldn't have checked the Flight status before as "coast."

    It sounds like they are going to try to make some "standard configs" to share to avoid this in the future.


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