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    TeleMini Instructions?

    I impulse bought an Altus Metrum TeleMini v 3.0 and downloaded the crap pile AM instructions. I can't seem to find the programming instructions in there
    for the TeleMini!! Anyone have an idea? I see the specs, battery and the differences between v1 and v3 but nothing on using the device unless I just missed it in my quick visual scan. Page numbers please. I don't have a TeleDongle but do have a Tele-BT v3.0 and hope I don't need a TeleDongle to program it. Been able to work with a Tele-GPS both with the AltoDroid program and a plain ol' Kenwood D72A along with the Tele-BT. My personal opinion is it's fine to have a compendium of instructions but if it's hard to find the specifics and details on one device, the instructions should be released separately
    for each "landmark" device so users don't have to sort through all the stuff on devices they don't have or are not likely to use. Thanks loads.
    Kurt Savegnago

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    I don't think you missed anything. I can find individual user manuals for the TeleGPS through Google but not through Altus metrum for the Telemini. And the one in all manual just lack a bunch of user detail. I know you could configure the device for TeleGPS when it had a black data transfer cable connected then select it and adjust settings from there through the altosUi. Then plug in the teledongle and select more stuff to track it. I'm guessing Telemini will behave similar once connected to laptop for initial configuration/clicking settings on UI. And during configuration I had to have the battery charged. I never even saw the batteries for tele mini offered with the vendors that sell them.

    Insignia 6ft charge/sync cable micro USB worked to program a TeleGPS when original data cord in starter pack failed. You should be able to track with Tele bT method instead of dongle but you need to configure it I'm guessing with a data cable and a laptop running altos software.

    Like page 22 starts for Telemini and I see no documentation on how to configure/use it other than here are pyro channels.

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    Yea, I feel you Kurt. I'm a huge fan of Altus Metrum products but the documentation is more technical than necessary in some places and virtually non-existent in others. I've often thought it would make sense to write up some human readable documentation for their products that focuses on bench testing, flight usage, and data collection after flights. Heck, I probably went for 5 years of using the Teledongle with my laptop before I stumbled across the fact that I could use a USB OTG cable to hang the Teledongle off my phone instead of lugging my laptop through the field to recover a rocket. IIRC I stumbled across that from the Altus Metrum mailing list. I don't think it has been documented in the manual anywhere.

    Funnily enough I've also just picked up a TeleMini 3.0. I lost my TeleMini 1.0 last year on a 24mm MD flight, I had packets all the way to apogee (~4,850ft) then the thing just went silent. :/ Safe to say I plan to do some low and slow flight testing with the new one to ensure it will light ematches and still transmit post apogee. Kinda reminds me of my TeleMetrum 1.0 failure, everything was good until apogee and things went silent. The difference is the TeleMini 1.0 didn't have a voltage protection board on the lipo so I'm unsure why it stopped talking. At least I'll be able to download and clear the flight log in the 3.0 as you couldn't do that without a hand soldered wired interface on the 1.0.

    In April I'm planning my first test flight with the TeleMini 3.0 including testing it with ematches and transmitting/tracking on the ground. Assuming I can get everything working I'll fly it in a MD CF 29mm rocket with a CTI 6GXL I motor early June. I'll come back and comment again once I have a bit more experience with the TeleMini 3.0 board.
    AMRS L3
    Max Alt AGL - 23,908ft - K300 - Balls 22
    Max V - 2,488 ft/s, ~Mach 2.2 - M2250 - THUNDA 2015

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    Thanks for the replies I don't feel so bad now. There is no programming socket on the Tele-Mini 3.0. I suspect the tele dongle and possibly the Tele-BT programs it via RF. The problem I foresee is that I might have to try all of the frequencies and setup program and find out which one my unit is set at. I so far have not set up the program in my laptop yet. I have to find it first as I set up my tele GPS quite some time ago using their programming utility. Kurt

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    The instructions on how to configure the TeleMini are in the instruction manual. Look in Appendix A.1 at the top of page 55.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W7AMI View Post
    The instructions on how to configure the TeleMini are in the instruction manual. Look in Appendix A.1 at the top of page 55.
    Okay thank you for that bit of information. Since the base setup of the Tele- Mini wasn't posted in the documentation that came with my unit, I'll assume it's in the default mode and will make an attempt at trying to program it from there. If that fails I'll do the reset trick. Kurt

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    Holee cripes, Still was a trial a tribulation trying to do the setup of the Tele-Mini v3 and the Tele-BT v3. Sheesh I don't like seeing nocall in there and I couldn't find the setting to change to my callsign in AltosDroid on my Android devices.
    It paired and worked there though. Sheesh I had to dink around and actually had to have AltosUI do the BT pairing with the Tele-BT. I then had to rapidly click on altimeter configuration very quickly after plugging in the Tele-Mini v3 otherwise it
    simply wouldn't be "seen" for programming via the Rf link. Sorta like a Beeline GPS but at least Greg Clark had clearer instructions. Anywho, I diddled with it like crazy and had to try multiple times to get my callsign in there finally.
    Shutdown the linuxbox and fired up the Nexus 7 2013 LTE and AltosDroid. Looks good but whoa gonna be a bear for me if I gotta change a setting. Maybe Windoze 7 environment is better? Heck the learning curve is as high as a Sainsonic
    AP510 GPS tracker. Which BTW makes for a dastardly high powered GPS tracker if one has the real estate in the rocket and a Technician's Ham license. I haven't flown mine but a fellow posted here he loves his. GPS altitude might be off with
    the Sirf III or IV chipset but lat/long is dead on. Heck your altimeter gives ya the altitude anyways and you can get to that after you get the rocket back!

    Soooooooooooooo............A Tele-mini is programmable with a Tele-BT albeit and bit challenging with me. I don't remember programming my Tele-GPS was this hard but that was through a cable if I recall. Kurt KC9LDH
    (Ooops, forgot to mention that the "dastardly" high powered AP510 is 1 watt on the 2 meter Ham band. It will carry far I tell you at altitude.)

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