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    21st August 2015

    Estes Hy Flier XL

    I just got an Estes Hy Flier XL. Although the instructions don't mention it, someone that has one told me he had to add 14 grams of of nose weight to make the rocket stable. Has anyone else had to do that.

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    19th January 2009
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    My Estes Hi Flier XL has a mass of 5.1oz w/o motor.

    It has no additional nose weight and the model has been flown with D12 and E9 motors.


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    18th January 2009
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    My Hi-Flier XL has flown fine with no additional nose weight.
    You might be thinking of the small, BT-20 based Hi-Flier.
    Fred Schector has reported the smaller one needs nose weight to be stable when using C engines.
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    21st August 2015
    Thanks for getting back to me. The first flight will be on a C11 just to be on the safe side.

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    26th January 2015
    I've got a High Flyer Xl and I've flown it over 25 times using estes motors, it's been a great rocket. Several times I've used a keychain camera attached to it and It's given us some great footage.

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    I had to add ballast to the front of mine, but then again I up-engined it for 29mm motors.

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    I did not add nose weight and it flies great on AT E18-7 in the Hobbyline 24/40 case
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    5th December 2013
    Built mine per instructions, launched on an E9, never saw it again.

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