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    4th October 2014

    clearly, this is a fun mini tri pak

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_7382.jpg 
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ID:	341190Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_7383.jpg 
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Name:	DSC_7384.jpg 
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Name:	DSC_7385.jpg 
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    kind of hard to see in a photo. The glossy may need another thick coat to get a more smooth shiny finish. I like how the semi-gloss is pretty easy to control, that is my go-to finish for most cardstock rockets, it worked well on the Star Wars droids in the other thread. I really like the matte finish on that S.C.R.A.M., for most military themed rockets I think that it looks just right. I have a few other recent builds I need to clear coat now that the weather is improving, and the flowers are beginning to bloom in the rocket garden.

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    3rd October 2016
    Nicely done. I see that your full size PDFs for this tri-pak as well as the Space Station Aquarius and the SRW Nike smoke are up on The Rocketry Blog. Thanks for sharing with everyone, Glen.

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    4th October 2014
    I have a handful of others, mostly mini-engine 13mm downscale clones, that I plan to send him to post on his blog. I need to clean up the Explorer Aquarius template, I don't really make good glue tabs, I hate re-tracing those, and that nose cone has lots of transitions and glue tabs. That cone requires you to make the top half, then cut out a hole for the window, then put it together with the bottom half. That one is actually an 18mm downscale from the original 24mm. I hope folks enjoy building them. My favorite was the Bob Harrington Satellite Interceptor, that one got me hooked.

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