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    Pnut altimeter - barometer sensorlocation?

    Gentledudes and dudettes,

    I'm working with a TARC team that will be flying the Pnut altimeter. It will live in a carrier made of a section of carved out pool noodle. I want to make sure that the sensor is positioned so that it is not obstructed by the pool noodle foam, and I'm not sure where the sensor is on the board.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pics of both sides of the board are above (front the PerfectFlite web site). My guess is that it is that the sensor is that tiny gold pad on the bottom side of the board, upper left edge just to the right of the mounting hole. But just a guess.

    For the next launch I will suggest that they mount the altimeter on a small board, so that stand-offs keep the sensor in clear air and away from the pool noodle cavity walls. But no time for that tonight, they are working on getting their rockets finished for a launch tomorrow.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    In all likelihood it will be a small metal part with a hole on the top metal. That image isn't high-enough quality to say for certain, but I do think that may be the part lurking behind the left-most black IC in the bottom-side picture (left of the "P" in PerfectFlite).

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    Your must be newer than mine, but I think the barometer is one of the small chips. What I always assumed was the barometer on mine has 4 legs into the circuit board and two holes in the top of it. Edit: Look for a chip with a holes or holes in it.
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    Pretty sure the Pnut uses the MS5607 Baro sensor so it will look like one of those. It looks like there is a piece of tape or something hiding the chip, you can see a tiny little hole in a silver thing by the P in perfect flight, thats the pressure port of the sensor
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