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    22nd November 2011

    Eggfinder assembly timelapse.

    Playing around with new software and camera. Assembly sped up to under ~2 min. Not the best angle but I figured I made it so why not upload it.

    Time to assemble - 17min

    Used a healthy amount of water soluble flux, my own preferred water soluble solder, and a Metcal iron. Cleaned in ultrasonic tank. Would have been faster but I lost my good tweezers and had to use my fat splinter pullers!

    I don't recommend my techniques to beginners, I've soldered thousands of boards and know where I can cheat from instructions... usually.


    Altimeter Sleds, Camera Shrouds, Fly away Rail Guides, and More!

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    26th November 2009
    Ya lucky you didn't get burned!!

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    23rd January 2009
    New York
    Can't wait to get it back from you to test out!

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