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    22nd November 2011

    Thoughts on fin-can designs?

    I'm bring back fin-cans for 2018 in 29mm, 38mm, and 54mm

    If you are familiar with my old fin-can designs, these will be similar, but made from PET (which is a little more temperature and impact resistant)

    What types would you like to see? Specifically fin span, length, and profiles.

    These are the new little 38mm cans I've got so far. 3" long and 1.625" span.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice. I bought a bunch of them in a lot you sold cheap with mild defects. They seem to work fine. No issues with a 5 fin 38mm version paired with a printed nose cone.

    Gave a few away as well.

    Kevin Wuchevich
    Tripoli Pittsburgh
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    Thoughts on fin-can designs?

    This is interesting Landru ,I successfully flew a small 3d printed fin can last summer. It was printed with PLA. I liked the rigidity of PLA, but it is so prone to cracking. Plus it is much more heat intolerant. I began playing around with PETG as well, but found that it is not very easy to get a good bond. What are you using to bond your PETG parts to body tubes and other items?

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    Any plans to produce these?
    Chuck Haislip
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