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    Quote Originally Posted by Cnorm View Post
    I been waiting for that bayou rat fella to post another “I didn’t get my toy” tantrum so Andrew_ASC can chime in and tell us what kind of drapes are hanging in his parents house.
    "TWEEEET" (throws flag). "Unnecessary roughness - pilin' on!" Andrews not the first youngster comin' in here guns a-blazin'... and he won't be the last. The Ignore feature of this forum still works quite well.

    Bill, thanks for...

    the head's up,

    not naming the vendor in open forum post,

    notifying the vendor.

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    kkkk,, wadever,,


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    If you have a suspicious charge on your card, contact the vendor.

    Mistake are made by the vendor even the buyer, as you forget what you buy and sometimes charges appear under different names.

    Always give time for the vendor to explain the charge.

    If it is not explained, do a charge back with your credit card/ bank/ paypal. Don't wait. When a vendor gets a charge back and there is no valid reason, they have a fee they need to pay. Too many charge backs and their account is closed. So always give the vendor, unless something obvious, time to explain.

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