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    22nd September 2017

    Wildman account activation failed?

    I am having issues activating an new account at Wildman's new site. I get the confirmation link, fill it out with what I just entered, and it says invalid login credentials. I owe Tim an additional $12.50 for an Aerotech DMS has charge. I'm cool with that. What the issue is outside of calling him up and telling him my Cc stuff I don't have a way to pay him right now. I ordered without an account. He sent a link in email to pay the shipping charge that the website didn't compute on the order. And it requires a Wildman account to access.

    I am not upset at Wildman rocketry. I would like to resolve the issue. I think I need to just call.

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    22nd September 2017
    Basically the new website forgot a HAZmat charge on motors and the email was sent out and today I finally get told a way to pay it is through a user account. And I am trying to activate a user account and its not doing what I want it to. Tried four times.

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    Calling is always the best way to get help from Tim. That said, I know when I got my activation email from Tim it was sent as an http:// link, I changed it to https:// and it worked perfectly. I don't know if this is your issue, just sharing.

    Good luck

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    This is that link I get

    after I click on activate your account.
    Are there any special characters or password length limits?

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    I never got the website account activated, but Mr. Lehr sent another link to pay in $1 amounts of the shipping charges without an account. So I think this worked out well. Wildman always on the ball with service. If you got problems just keep emailing or call.

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    Yeah Andrew,,
    Maybe you should


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