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    Big-Box Epoxy Test Vid

    Right up front, this isn't a vid I made.

    Found this on YouTube and found it interesting. This guy tested your basic epoxies you can find in just about any hardware store.


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    That was really interesting, thanks for the link. I also watched his plastic epoxy test. Would be awesome if someone could do an equivalent test for rocket construction techniques and adhesives, but it's a lot of work for very little reward.

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    I like this video. As a follow-up there's a link to another video he does which is essentially the same thing but with plastic bolts and the results are almost the same with JB Weld Original standing out from the rest.

    However, I'm sure someone will be along shortly to describe the inadequacies of the methods used.
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    Nicely done test with readily-available materials. It's good to know that the epoxy we commonly use for bonding retainers and other high-temperature joints is a good one.

    For a similar test with more typical rocketry materials:

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