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    Hakko T18 tip for Eggtimer

    Ok you Hakko FX-888D users that assemble Eggtimer kits, I am looking for good tip recommendations. I was looking at the T18-B but was wondering if anybody else could shed some light on which tip they would feel would be ideal.

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    I have been using the T18-S7

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    I like the T-3C. 3mm chisel tip. Good thermal mass and the chisel allows it to come to a pretty small point.

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    I mostly use the T18D16P for soldering eggfinders but all of the recommendations here will work well.

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    I prefer to use the T18-SB for most PCB work.
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    No bigger than 1 mm for fine SMD work, then 2 and 3 mm as the thermal load increases for larger parts and pads. Chisel or conical as preferred. I generally use conical for SMD and chisel for TTH work.
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    I use a T18-I tip for egg things. I also keep a cheaply soldering iron handy with a big chisel tip for mounting the big parts like the voltage regulators, but I could do it all with the tiny tip if need be.
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