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    14th July 2015
    Randolph, NJ
    Stage production of October Sky?

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    24th July 2016
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    High power? I've launched maybe 20 flights, only 1 had damage, my first L1 attempt I zippered the tube and the nose cone came off. Only one other launch where something went wrong and my DD screech only deployed the drogue, though it landed in a freshly plowed field and was fine, not even a paint scratch.

    Low power, probably 10-20 percent, mostly repeat offenders like the Estes Renegade D(Oddly shaped), Estes D region Tomahawk (Beat up with F composite motors), or my Estes Baby Bertha (30+ flights, 20+ on C motors another 5 on D motors, first rocket, badly made) and some low power scratch built rockets that weren't as stable as I thought (It flew fine on B motors! just not C motors)

    Level 1 - 4in cardboard Madcow Super Payloader DX3 - CTI 125 classic
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    For me it depends. If I'm lucky, and have a good day at the field, I'll have no damage at all. Other days I'm not so lucky and it seems that everything I fly needs some sort of repair, broken fin, zipper, chute tangled in shroud lines, Estes smile on the nosecone, etc. Hell, I remember one morning packing up to go to a launch and snapped off fins on two different rockets and crushed a body tube, before I even got out to the car The rest of the day went fine after that though.
    Mike L.
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    15th October 2016
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    Estes Smile......I haven't heard of that one before

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    Excluding black powder catos (of which I haven't had that many of anyway), my significant damage rate is 6.8% (9 out of 132), according to my flight log notes. I have failed to log probably about 30 to 40 flights over the years but almost all of those would have been damage-free since I tend to slack on logging more when everything goes well. As such, the actual rate for me would be closer to a flat 6%, I think.
    Glenn Harper
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    A broken fin obviously counts as “damage,” since it has to be fixed before the rocket can fly again.

    I’d say probably 15% of my flights sustain dinged fins or minor cosmetic damage. Probably 5% sustain significant body damage that require repair or replacement of a significant body part. That still leaves about 80% that comes back clean, so I don’t feel too bad.

    Somebody else mentioned “hangar rash” or ground/ transport damage.

    I try to pack most of my rockets away securely for transport, but a few are odd-shaped or sized and don’t travel well; probably as much damage happens in transport as in flight.

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