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    Mini Higgs Farm Rocket

    Now that I have my mini Higgs Farm kit (Thanks a lot Tom!) I am going to do a build thread on it. I'm going to be building with the "help" of my little brother. I will be doing some modifications to it and that is why I am doing a build thread for it.

    First off; the kit is beautiful and New Way did a wonderful job on all the laser cutting of everything. Also I noticed that there is basically everything but glue and paint. I have never gotten a kit from them before but I did not expect to get things like sandpaper and glue applicator sticks. Also its all neat and tidy in the bag, or was , and the instructions are in beautiful color and lots of pictures.

    Now onto the modification I want to do. First thing is to ditch the motor hook and block. This is because I want to be able to fly on some E motors and small composites and I don't want to be limited. Second thing is to add a small amount of nose weight to offset the possible larger motors. Final modification is that I *might* add a 24mm Aeropack on at some point. I'm not 100% on this but i think it would fly beautifully on some 24mm 1 and 2 grain motors.

    Other than these modifications it will look mostly stock and will be painted just like Tom's and will have the decals applied. I will post pictures as it progresses over the break and it should be done for the December 16th launch at Higgs Farm. There its first flight will be a D12-5. I would be willing to drag race if anyone else is up for it.

    Trevor Mushung
    NAR 99446

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    Motor Mount

    First thing we tackled was the motor mount. Since the engine block and retainer were omitted it went together fairly quickly. In the end .28" were left hanging out the bottom for a future Aeropack. The kevlar cord was tied around the motor tube and then blued into place. It was glued through a total of 3 of the centering ring (both circular ones and the top square one).

    Once dried we glued the motor mount into the body tube. One thing I noticed was that there was a bit of sanding required to get the square rings to fit. Once sanded though it slid in with just a little force. We then took it out and put a ring of glue just above the fin slots and inserted the mount part way. After pushing it to the fin slots we added a ring of glue to the back for the lower ring. Once pushed in we pulled it back out slightly then pushed back in to for a nice double fillet on the top ring. The motor mount is now down and next up is the nose cone.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20171122_204052.jpg 
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    My little Brother holding the finished motor mount.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20171123_091839.jpg 
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    And him holding the body tube with the motor mount installed.
    Trevor Mushung
    NAR 99446

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