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    I usually drill out the back of the av bay sled. If upside down then this is one less thing that the satellite signal needs to pass through. Also there is software that will take your dodgy GPS signal and do statistics on it to reduce the error and help pinpoint the actual location. You should be able to do something similar just the screen shots and google earth, but logs would be better.

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    Well I think someone has stolen it and is running away with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarvan View Post
    Well I think someone has stolen it and is running away with it.
    I doubt it since he was receiving the spurious position for an extended time. Plus, if somebody picked it up, he would have started seeing valid positions most likely. Kurt

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    Alex, I hope you are able to go back and scout out around that spot again. I'm sorry I wasn't aware your rocket had gone missing that day or else I would have helped with the search.

    I'm a big believer in the Eggfinder as a tracking tool having used it to track rockets from a couple of miles in the air to miles downrange. The last 100 feet of the track can be tricky if you aren't aware of the error margin of a GPS fix. Given the way you tried to search all around the spot it sure sounds like you did it right. I'm pretty sure when you do get back out there, you'll find it. I'll also try to let the landowner know to be on the lookout for it in the meantime.

    Now I have had an occasion where my Eggfinder got ejected from a payload area on one of my rockets. It fell from a couple of thousand feet and survived. So in that case I ended up in the scenario of looking for a rocket and finding just the Eggfinder alone in the field. I tend to stow my Eggfinder with foam around it, so that may have helped it survive the fall, but the point is it can. Sorry I won't be out there for a few weeks, but good luck with the search!
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