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    5th February 2011

    New paint, 42 years later!

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ID:	331911My 42 year old Century Centurion, with fresh paint! Its far from perfect, but im super happy with how it turned out! I did it up to "sorta" look like the one in the 1972 catalog.....I contacted Mark with Stickershock to see about getting the "Centurion decals made, to finish it off! I just cant believe I was 17 years old when I built this, and it still flies just fine! GOD! How fast time goes by!

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    26th January 2010
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    That looks great! It's cool that you still have it. I love the Centurion. I built a 3" upscale a few years ago.

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    NAR 91107, Level 2

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    Wow, that looks fantastic!
    My Centurion ended up in a tree after a flight on a C 6-5 on the way too small field I used to fly on in the early 80's
    My only remaining Centuri rockets from then are a delapatated Vector V and a Moonraker. I really wish I still had some of the others from my original Centuri fleet.
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    18th January 2009
    Nice work. It's cool resurrecting old models from our youth. I've got a couple that I'll do some day..
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    1st June 2011
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    Very nice!

    I finished up a Semroc clone of the Centurion this summer and she flew great! The only problem was that the nose cone whacked a rock when it landed and there's a weird-shaped dent in it, but other than that mine has been a perfect flier.

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    11th December 2011
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    Glad to see I am not the only one who resurrects rockets from my younger days. I never throw them away, just keep them until inspiration comes and and I restore them. I have a few from 45 years ago.
    Good straight launch, burnout, waiting for event....waiting, waiting waiting,...............sigh!

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    27th February 2017
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    Just completed a “tribute” to my first rocket over 40 years ago. Unfortunately I mounted the fins in the wrong direction back then. I got it right this time around!

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    LMAO - When I saw the title of this thread , the first thing and person that popped into my mind was my buddy Bill-
    and he didn't disappoint Nice job man.
    I have gone to find myself, If I return before I get back- Keep me here.

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    5th March 2017
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    Really wish I hadn't ditched all my old models when I left home. I least I have the fond memories and am now getting to relive some of them as a BAR.
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    Great work

    Glad to see others flying over the Hill rockets
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    21st May 2016
    Great to see the old ones fly! My motto is nothing is a show-er or retired unless it's unsafe to fly. A few months ago I flew my old Alpha that I built in 84 when I was 7 and it was my very first rocket. It's still as I built it then, the only thing that has been done is replace the dry rotted shock cord and a new chute. I like to keep the original patina and battle wounds for character.

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    21st July 2017
    Cool to see old ones. I wish I had any of my original rockets. I built about everything in the Estes catalog between 62 - 67 and some custom ones.

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