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Thread: MDRA ESL 231

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    28th August 2011

    MDRA ESL 231

    MDRA will be holding ESL 231 at the Sod farm this weekend. Looks like the weather should cooperate although there will be some clouds around.

    I'm planning to test a few more sparky motors, I like the look I have just trying to get the chamber pressure up without using super small nozzles.

    Who's coming out and what do you plan to fly?

    See you at the Field, Scott

    Hopefully we'll have some news about moving back to Higgs Farm for the November Launch.


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    26th February 2017
    Iím planning on returning there finally after getting my L1 at LDRS. I am just finishing up a Loc Vulcanite and an Athena 3. They should be good for their maiden flights there.

    NAR #102778
    L1 - 4/7/17 - Loc IV H123W, LDRS36

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    20th April 2012
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    I'll be there Sunday. I just finished my L3 cert rocket that I've been working on for 8 months (including a 2 month paint job) so I may bring it along for display only. Cert flight will be when we get back to Higgs.
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    5th December 2013
    I'll be there Saturday. My usual, MAC Scorpion and MC Formula 75, on a CTI I212-SS and Loki I316-SF respectively. Kids will be bringing a fleet of Estes ARF, plus our two Higgs Farm rockets on D12-5.

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    L3, 3/12/16: MAC Performance Radial Flyer, CTI M1101WH
    Altitude: 13,028', L3 flight; Speed: Mach ???, L3 flight

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    18th January 2009
    I'm bringing the Fronkenseen Hat, the Fett Boy, a small cluster tetrahedron and couple of 3/4FNC.
    Dick Stafford
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    28th June 2017
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    Won't be there this month but am planning on going to the launch next month where ever it ends up. Will be doing my first dual-deploy setup on an I599N with the rocket I plan to use for L2

    Trevor Mushung
    NAR 99446

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