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    22nd February 2013
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    These are great. I particularly like the BB-8 Sputnik style stabilization.
    Straightforward solutions for the "little things", so you can get the most out of your time in the field.

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    2nd October 2014
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    These ARE the droids you're looking for!

    Nice work! It even looks like BB-8 may spin on the way up!

    LUNAR #2688, launches scrubbed, T minus 10 and holding indefinitely...

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    4th October 2014
    Thanks for noticein'. I thought I saw another scratch BB-8 from a styrofoam ball, but now I can't seem to find that link. Basically this is just a Sputnik style rocket in a cardstock body, but with those internal lugs, hand rolled from half of an index card, I can friction fit the bamboo skewers so they are remove-AFTER-flight. And then cook some shrimp on the barbie.

    Using the bolt pattern graphics put them in a lower spot on the sphere, really close to the engine mount, so I had to glue them in (These are the jokes folks, I'll be here all week.). So, yeah that may introduce a spin which would be cool.

    After this cardstock sphere, now I am thinking of making a larger ball with different graphics... think Death Star!

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    4th October 2014
    finally got around to spraying these with Rusto 2X Clear Satin, sort of a semi-gloss finish, really locks in the colors and gives it a nice sheen.

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    4th October 2014
    I have a leftover 13mm engine mount that I did not use for these droids, shown in post #24, I decided to put in 18mm mounts for all of them. I am thinking about building a Currell V2 scaled down by the ratio 13/18 or about 72% should be about the right size, and plenty light enough for 13mm engines. I have some yellow cardstock, so I will print the B&W pattern on that and see how it turns out. After these droids, this will be a nice break to build a simple rocket, although the details on the fins might be a little tricky, the pattern is like 7 pages. Am thinking about making an 18mm through tube for some structural integrity and cutting all the centering rings to fit.

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