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    Development of a CanSat launcher

    Good Afternoon everyone!

    My name is Andrés Cimino, I'm from Argentina. We are planning to organize a CanSat workshop at our local college, and we think it would be good to have a small vector to carry 2 of them (weighing approx. 400 gr., 0.9 lb) to an apogee altitude of about 300 m (1 000 ft.). I have no experience with rockets, but I'm an aeronautical engineer, and we have chemical labs, manufacturing and testing facilities available in campus.

    Could you introduce us to the different technologies of model rockets, so that we can estimate a budget and a time schedule? The idea is to use, if possible, materials available at a hardware store (budget is a little tight and off the shelf models of that size are hard to come by here). And most importantly, that it is safe: as few metal parts as possible.

    We are planning to have the event on March next year and we will only dedicate one or two days a week to the project. So, we would also like to know if it's possible to have the rocket ready for March, taking into account that we've never built one.

    Thank you very much for your time, looking forward to your replies!

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    It sounds like you're talking about research motors, which are a no-no on the public portion of the forum.

    However, commercial motors are widely available which could send several hundred grams a thousand feet.

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    The ARLISS project has long experience using commercially available rocket motors to launch student projects. Making your own motors is also possible, but is unnecessary these days. For example, three cansats can easily be lofted and ejected at 10,000ft/3050m on a $500USD motor, which gives a descent of about 15 minutes for the students to communicate with their projects.

    Here's the first ARLISS rocket I built as an example:

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    Thank you very much dhbarr and John! I'll check the motors used in the ARLISS project, 500USD is a reasonable number. I guess an off the shelf solution would be the best for us, given the short time we have.


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    There is a Tripoli Prefecture in Argentina, they may be able to help.


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